Ways to Improve Your Car’s Fuel Economy | Auto Repair in Southlake, TX

Inflation is affecting everything around us. The amount of money we spend nowadays is a fortune compared to the spending people did 30-40 years ago. As everything else, fuel prices are also on the rise. Fuel prices are so important that they dictate every business in the society. The increase in fuel prices means increase in other goods as all goods require transportation and transportation vehicles run on fuel. So in short if you… Read More

Mechanics Keller, TX | Automotive Maintenance

Your vehicle requires routine automotive maintenance to ensure reliability, safety, longevity and fuel economy. If you haven’t scheduled annual maintenance already, contact Import Car Center Automotive today. Our certified mechanics in Keller, TX will inspect your vehicle, and providing the necessary maintenance and any repair required with your approval. Engine Follow the manufacturer’s guideline for the frequency of oil changes. Changing the oil is an essential maintenance task that will ensure a long life for… Read More