High-Quality Walnut Blasting Service for Import Vehicles in Grapevine

In high-performance import vehicles, keeping your engine clean is a key part of preserving the features your car is known for. As the miles add up and you continue to drive more, your engine and other components under the hood will build up dirt & debris and carbon deposits. These deposits will seep past valve seals and bake onto valves, causing all sorts of issues with your car’s performance. At Import Car Center we help import auto owners optimize the performance of their vehicles with high-quality walnut blasting services & cleanings. For years our shop has been the Grapevine area’s leaders in import auto maintenance.

Brands We Service

At Import Car Center we believe that quality will always before quantity and to better serve you, our ASE certified mechanics specialize in the service of all models of:

By focusing on these brands, our technicians are able to provide high-quality walnut blasting services that will restore your car’s performance to the level you expect and that they’re known for.

How Walnut Blasting Works

Walnut blasting is exactly what it sounds like, similar to sand blasting, our technicians use crushed walnut shells with compressed air to clean out build ups in direct injection engines. Where sand would wreck the engine, walnut shells are the perfect secret weapon for cleaning & restoring your engine, helping you enjoy benefits including:

  • Improved Fuel Mileage
  • Increased Engine Power
  • Increased Engine Efficiency

Our ASE certified technicians will work with you through every step of the process, so you know exactly what your car needs and can make the most informed decisions possible with any service.

Before Walnut Blasting Service


After Walnut Blasting Service


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Instead of overpaying to have your car taken apart to find an issue, let the ASE certified technicians at Import Car Center help you clean your engine safe & effectively with walnut blasting. Located in Grapevine, we’re proud to also be the go-to import auto service shop for drivers in surrounding areas like:

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