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BMW’s are known as superior import cars, and with proper BMW auto repair and maintenance, they can last upwards of 200,000 miles easily. However, in order to hit that mark, you need to make sure you are properly taking care of your BMW. This means seeking out BMW auto repair in Grapevine, TX as needed instead of waiting for issues to arise. Everyday driving leads to wear and tear that is unavoidable unless you keep your BMW sealed away in your garage. Of course, that isn’t practical or any fun. So with that in mind, here are some good practice tips to keep your BMW in great shape so that the only auto repair you require in the future is standard maintenance.

Keep in mind that while BMWs may be finely tuned pieces of mechanics and smart computer systems, they still need regular maintenance. What you put into a BMW will influence what you get out of it. There is no guarantee that you won’t need BMW auto repair down the road, but the following maintenance tips are a great way to help you avoid it.


Believe it or not, the newer models of BMWs will actually tell you when it is time to take your car in for scheduled maintenance. This makes it easier than ever to keep up with your recommended auto repair visits. The most common version of this smart technology is the Service Interval Indicator that is built into the computer system of your vehicle. It tracks the date of your last service and then keeps an eye automatically on your mileage. The indicator will tell you how many miles until your next service date and remind you when you are getting close to maximum mileage that you need to schedule an auto repair appointment.

Some BMWs have an even more sophisticated computer system onboard called the Condition Based Servicing System. Referred to as the CBS, this self-monitoring system effectively allows your car to talk to you. The CBS not only is capable of adapting itself to your driving patterns and normal environmental conditions based on your geographic location, but it also tracks the overall condition of all major components in a car. That means while you concentrate on driving the smart computer in your car is monitoring its own health. It will then tell you on the dashboard when it is time for repair, replacement, or general BMW auto repair. Components that are monitored by the CBS include the oil and cabin air filters, spark plugs, brake pads, and more. Usually, the CBS will give you at least four weeks’ notice so you have plenty of time to call a shop and schedule BMW auto repair.

The CBS system also closely monitors your engine oil, tire pressure, and brake fluid so that you get automatic alerts if your tires are getting low or your fluids are low. In essence, it takes all of the legwork out of maintenance so that all you need to do is respond to its request. In effect, the CBS turns your BMW into a smart car making it one of the most innovative models on the road right now. While it can’t cover every component on your vehicle, it hits most of the major ones so that your only responsibility is to listen to your car. If the light pops up, your job is to schedule auto repair.


While your BMW on-board system can keep an eye on most of your engine components, you should still do your part to make sure that other parts of your car are running smoothly. For instance, the CBS can monitor the air pressure in your tires but it is unable to recognize if your tires are starting to wear unevenly or if they need to be aligned. Therefore, it is important to check your tires on a monthly basis and take them in for regular balancing and aligning at a BMW auto repair shop just as you would any other car.


It is a good idea to make regular hose and gasket checks part of your monthly tire exam as well. Doing everything at once ensures you don’t leave anything out. Simply pop the hood and take a look at your rubber hoses and gaskets. In particular, you want to be looking for faulty seals or cracks forming on any of the lines. If you notice anything that looks suspicious make sure you call and book a BMW auto repair appointment at your local Grapevine, TX shop. At first, this may only cause lessened performance, but eventually, it could result in a breakdown on the side of the road which you want to avoid.


The oil used in BMWs is different from what is used in other non-import vehicles. For this reason as a BMW owner, you can go for as much as 15,000 miles between oil changes. However, just because you can make it to 15,000 miles doesn’t mean that you should. Your BMW computerized system is set to remind you when you get to the 15,000 mark, but it is a good idea to try to change your oil every 7,500 miles instead to help increase the lifespan of your engine. This also gives you a chance to have your air filter visibly inspected more often since the smart system will not tell you about the condition of your air filter.

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