The Most Important Services You Need from Mercedes Auto Repair in Southlake, TX

Getting your Mercedes properly and regularly serviced and repaired by an expert Mercedes auto repair in Southlake, TX is crucial. You can keep away from expensive and easily avoidable emergencies later. You’ll likewise keep your Mercedes running quicker, better, and longer than it generally would. The following are important and critical services that need to be regularly scheduled at a reliable auto repair in Southlake, TX. Engine: The engine is the core and heart of any… Read More

Mechanics Keller, TX | Automotive Maintenance

Your vehicle requires routine automotive maintenance to ensure reliability, safety, longevity and fuel economy. If you haven’t scheduled annual maintenance already, contact Import Car Center Automotive today. Our certified mechanics in Keller, TX will inspect your vehicle, and providing the necessary maintenance and any repair required with your approval. Engine Follow the manufacturer’s guideline for the frequency of oil changes. Changing the oil is an essential maintenance task that will ensure a long life for… Read More

Auto Repair Shops Southlake, TX – Fuel Injection Cleaning

Fuel injection cleaning is an often overlooked maintenance service on your vehicle. Clean injectors are essential for proper engine function and fuel efficiency. The fuel injectors pressurize fuel, delivering it through an aperture as an fine, fan-shaped spray to the engine. Eventually, the burning fuel causes deposits in the aperture, causing poor engine performance and inconsistent fuel delivery. This is evident by being hard to start, a rough idle, hesitation, decrease gas mileage, poor performance… Read More

Auto Repair Shops Grapevine, TX | Battery Conditioning

Owning a hybrid vehicle is the dream of many environmentally conscious persons. However, when it comes to maintenance it can be costly. Replacing a hybrid battery is a costly expense, and as a result are a source of dread for many hybrid owners. Eventually, the battery pack will require replacement with new or reconditioned batteries. However, you do have a third option in the Lewisville area. Import Car Center Automotive offers battery conditioning for… Read More