Getting your Mercedes properly and regularly serviced and repaired by an expert Mercedes auto repair shop in Southlake, TX is crucial. You can keep away from expensive and easily avoidable emergencies later. You’ll likewise keep your Mercedes running quicker, better, and longer than it generally would. The following are important and critical services that need to be regularly scheduled at a reliable auto repair in Southlake, TX.


The engine is the core and heart of any car; this is what keeps your car alive and running. Even with the slightest issues in the engine can be a sign of major concern. Not having the engine properly maintained can result in very bad situations. Mercedes engines are built to last but being a machine it is very likely that they could encounter problems. It is a good idea to have the engine checked at least twice a year by an expert Mercedes auto repair in Southlake, TX. Since you do not want to get yourself stuck on a bustling traffic this summer, sweltering under the scorching sun.


Brakes are no less important than engine for the proper functioning of your car. Brakes are needed to safely stop the car while driving. Checking your brakes ought to be an important part of the regular car maintenance. Properly functioning brakes are vital to road safety. That is why it is important to visit proficient and reliable specialist auto repair in Southlake, TX. The braking system needs to be properly and regularly maintained, it is recommended that the braking fluids need to be replaced every 2 to 3 years as they may start losing efficiency over the time. This is because that braking fluid is hydroscopic and will ingest dampness from the air. After some time, this ingestion hazardously pollutes the braking fluid, in the long run causing brake failures. Something else to have your reliable auto repair in Southlake, TXtake a look at your brake cushions. Grimy brake cushions can cause irritating squeaking.


Tires assume a vital part in your vehicle. They are not only responsible for physically getting you where you have to go, they are also vital to keeping you safe and to improving your mileage. Actually, damaged or faulty tires are one of the major factors of car crashes in the U.S. Indeed, even only a slight tire issue can transform into a major issue. In an examination, the According to a research by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) tires which are under-inflated by 25 percent or more are at a three times greater risk of a collision. Tires ought to be appropriately inflated; air needs to be placed in as frequently as required. Check the pressure in your tires at least once per month. The front tires are subjected to more wear and tear compared to the back tires. So, having the front tires placed at the back and vice versa, every 6 months will stop from uneven wear on the tires.

The Engine cooling system

The radiator or the engine cooling system is a critical component of your Mercedes. The essential purpose of the engine cooling system is to chill the engine and keep up a perfect working temperature. To avoid your car from overheating and cause you trouble, you should flush your radiator with coolant that is specifically designed for engines, and the lubricating property of the coolant will keep the water pump, internal regulator (thermostat), and other inner parts from seizing. The cooling system ought to be flushed regularly, by a professional Mercedes auto repair in Southlake, TX.


The experts at Mercedes auto repair in Southlake, TX recommend flushing the transmission each 50K miles. It’s significantly more effective to frequently servicing the transmission fluid and the filter than to pay the cost of purchasing and replacing a transmission, which can usually start working inefficiently after 70 to 90 thousand miles. Getting the service done on the transmission is more cost effective than replacing the transmission.

The Steering mechanism

The steering mechanism needs to be working seamlessly for safe and comfortable driving. To keep your steering mechanism working smoothly; the professional Mercedes auto repair in Southlake, TX suggests flushing the fluid for the power steering once every 50K miles. The Power steering fluid over time gets polluted and starts to break down. This can cause leaks and your steering gets harder.


Having the oil of your car regularly changed is one of the most imperative things you can do to improve your car’s wellbeing. It can possibly spare you from spending thousands to an auto shop later on. It is highly recommended by professional auto repair in Southlake, TX to have your oil changed every 5000 miles or 2 months whichever comes first. Delaying oil change can result in carbon depositing in the car’s intake valve and this can even seize your engine. Furthermore, driving in hot atmospheres require the cars to have more frequent oil change.

A reliable Mercedes auto repair mechanic in Southlake, TX can provide you with these services and more as per your car’s requirements. Having your car looked at by a professional can help you save money in the long run and can let you enjoy your luxurious Mercedes to the fullest without having to incur any headaches.


These are some of the vital services that you must perform regularly. You should also ensure that your Mercedes is properly and thoroughly cleaned from both outside and the inside. This will help you keep your car’s appearance impeccable. A well maintained car as a better resale value and also run for a much longer time. It is important to have a reliable Mercedes auto repair in Southlake, TX for your car. Import Car Center is a well established and reputable auto Repair in Southlake, TX. They specialize in luxury European cars like Mercedes, providing exceptional service and original high quality parts.

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