Owning a hybrid vehicle is the dream of many environmentally conscious persons. However, when it comes to maintenance it can be costly. Replacing a hybrid battery is a costly expense, and as a result are a source of dread for many hybrid owners. Eventually, the battery pack will require replacement with new or reconditioned batteries. However, you do have a third option in the Lewisville area. Import Car Center Automotive offers battery conditioning for your hybrid vehicles. Bring your hybrid vehicle to Import Car Center Automotive auto repair shops in Grapevine, TX for conditioning of your battery pack by our certified experts.

Hybrids offer numerous advantages, but as with any other vehicle maintenance is necessary and key to its long-term performance and reliability. You may not realize it, but many hybrids completely shut down if they run out of gas. It is a protective feature on several brands of hybrid vehicles, with the intention to protect the costly batteries. Not all hybrids have the mechanism, and those that do not, will not run long – or far on battery power alone. Once the battery reaches a specific level of charge, it too will shut down without gas in the tank.

In addition, the great news is they can be conditioned as many times as needed. Bring your hybrid in to Import Car Center Automotive auto repair shops in Grapevine, TX for battery conditioning.

Our certified hybrid battery specialists can condition your hybrid battery pack at a fraction of the cost of a new battery. Battery conditioning restores like new performance and economy for your hybrid vehicle. Contact Import Car Center Automotive today to schedule battery conditioning at Import Car Center auto repair shops in Grapevine, TX.


Hybrid batteries are manufactured to high standards to last the lifetime of your vehicle. Unfortunately, over time, the hybrid battery pack can lose energy, reducing performance and efficiency. The following are signs your battery pack needs conditioning or replacement:

  • Reduced Energy
  • Declining Torque
  • An acceleration in the Loss of Battery Power
  • Reduced Performance
  • A Reduction of Gas Mileage
  • An Increasing Reliance on the Gasoline Engine

There is no reason to replace costly batteries when our specialists can potentially restore the battery pack, vehicle performance and efficiency at a fraction of the cost. It is important to realize not all batteries can be reconditioned, but for those that can –battery conditioning will restore your car’s performance and economy to the green zone. Contact Import Car Center Automotive hybrid battery specialists in our auto repair shops in Grapevine, TX.


You have probably heard how you drive affects your gas mileage, and it is just as true with a hybrid as any other vehicle. Accelerating and braking gently are essential for improved efficiency. In the hybrid vehicle, accelerating gradually will ensure electric motor use only, maintaining efficiency and possibly assisting you to surpass the EPA mileage estimate. This habit is especially beneficial in heavy traffic conditions.


A conditioned battery can provide reliable service for years properly conditioned. Import Car Center Automotive hybrid battery specialists are certified to provide batter conditioning. Trained to the highest standards of the industry, you can rely on the conditioning of your hybrid battery in our auto repair shops in Grapevine, TX. However, you should be aware of the following factors which can affect the lifespan of a conditioned battery:

  • While battery packs can be reconditioned an unlimited amount of time, age is one of the factors that can affect its length of service after conditioning.
  • Extreme temperatures in your location, the elevation and heavy use of the vehicle.
  • Operating the vehicle in a manner that places the battery in an extremely profound discharge state is discouraged for old or new batteries alike.
  • Only use a certified hybrid battery specialist for service and conditioning of the battery pack to avoid damage or poor performance.
  • Electrolyte leakage will reduce the performance and expected service length of the hybrid battery.


Declining fuel economy and poor performance are early warning signs that you need to have the battery pack checked by a qualified professional. The malfunction indicator lamp, or MIL will only warn you of imminent catastrophic battery failure. If you wait until a MIL warning occurs, the battery may not be salvageable with battery conditioning. When your hybrid vehicles MIL has alerted you, bring your vehicle into our certified hybrid battery specialists for the best opportunity to condition the battery pack. Your battery stands a better chance auto repair shops in Grapevine, TX.

In addition, battery conditioning is also considered a preventative maintenance task. That is because conditioning can increase the length of your batteries service life, while maintaining the vehicle’s performance and efficiency.

The certified mechanics in Import Car Center Automotive auto repair shops in Grapevine, TX offer reliability for your automotive service needs.

Remember, poor performance and declining fuel economy are a warning of a problem with the hybrid vehicle’s battery pack. Scheduling testing and battery conditioning, when necessary, prior to the occurrence of a MIL warning can prevent the need to purchase a new battery pack.  Contact Import Car Center in Grapevine, TX to schedule conditioning of your automobile’s hybrid battery pack. You can rely on our certified mechanics to ensure your satisfaction and provide the highest quality of automotive service available. Give us a call today to schedule service.

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