Fuel injection cleaning is an often overlooked maintenance service on your vehicle. Clean injectors are essential for proper engine function and fuel efficiency. The fuel injectors pressurize fuel, delivering it through an aperture as a fine, fan-shaped spray to the engine. Eventually, the burning fuel causes deposits in the aperture, causing poor engine performance and inconsistent fuel delivery. This is evident by being hard to start, a rough idle, hesitation, decrease gas mileage, poor performance and pre-ignition. Import Car Center can provide this service for your vehicle in our auto repair shops in Southlake, TX.


Check your vehicle’s owner’s manual under the service section for the specific recommendation, but typically fuel injection cleaning service is recommended every 36 months or 45,000 miles. Many drivers use fuel injector cleaner, and while quality brands will help, a professionally provided fuel injection cleaning offers the best results. Our certified mechanics can provide the automotive services you require in our auto repair shops in Southlake, TX.


The spark plug is also a vital component in your vehicle. It is responsible for the ignition of fuel in the engine, during the process of combustion. Fouled, worn and an incorrect gap on plugs will affect your vehicle’s performance and can cause a no-start condition. Time and wear are the enemy of the spark plug, and as the plug’s gap widens, engine performance and gas mileage decrease. Time for new spark plugs? Bring your vehicle into our auto repair shops in Southlake, TX for professional services from our certified auto technicians.


Spark plug wires convey the electrical power from the vehicle’s battery to the spark plugs in order to start your vehicle. Worn spark plug wires can cause poor performance such as stalling, rough surges, poor gas mileage, and other problems due to insufficient voltage making it to the combustion chamber.

Signs of plug wires in need of replacing include cracks, burns or cuts to the exterior of the plug wires. Spark plug wires should be replaced at the manufacturer recommended intervals. Check your owner’s manual for the specific recommendation. Bring your vehicle in for service you can rely on at Import Car Center Automotive auto repair shops in Southlake, TX.


The distributor cap and the rotor inside also play a vital role in your vehicle’s ignition. They are responsible for conveying the voltage from the ignition coils to the engine’s cylinder where combustion occurs via the spark plug wires and spark plugs.

In recent years, vehicles have been produced that lack a distributor. The coil works the same as on vehicles with large centrally located coils. In newer vehicles, the electronic control unit (ECU) has complete control over precise spark timing.  This offers the benefits of increased fuel efficiency, emissions and vehicle performance. Import Car Center’s certified mechanics can provide the automotive services you require in our auto repair shops in Southlake, TX.


There are a number of reasons why a vehicle will not start, common causes include the following:

  • In a dead battery situation, the vehicle will not start, and if the battery is truly dead flashers won’t flash, electric windows will not operate, and dash display may not come on. A low battery may power some of the electric functions, such as emergency flashers, but will be inadequate to start your vehicle. Import Car Center Automotive can take care of your automotive battery replacement for you in our auto repair shops in Southlake, TX.
  • A bad fuel pump fails to provide the fuel required for combustion resulting in no-start. However, a hard start may be due to dirty fuel injectors. Import Car Center Automotive can take care of your vehicle’s problems in our auto repair shops in Southlake, TX.
  • Low engine compression will result in a no-start situation. Low compression is often due to a slipped or broken timing belt.
  • An overly rich fuel-air mixture can “drown out” the engine when trying to start. This can be due to several causes, such as a overly high fuel pressure or incorrect sensor date reaching the PCM computer. A spark plug overly wet with gas indicates too much fuel is being injected into the cylinder.
  • Blown fuse or bad sensor
  • Worn, bad, fouled or incorrectly gap on spark plugs
  • Worn or damaged spark plug wire(s). When a bad plug wire has occurred its also wise to change the ignition coil if an open circuit has occurred in a plug wire. Furthermore, it is better to replace all plug wires rather than a single one.

Routine maintenance is essential for a properly operating car, and prevents a large number of breakdowns. In addition, when components fail, not providing prompt repair can result in additional components failing. When you bring your vehicle in for automotive maintenance, our auto technicians will provide service and inspection, which can identify failing components early, before it leaves you stranding waiting for a tow truck. Furthermore, routine maintenance helps to ensure you receive the longest lifespan possible for your car. Count on Import Car Center to help you get the longest life and most reliable service possible for your vehicle.

Call Import Car Center to schedule automotive service, or simply bring your vehicle in to our auto repair shops in Southlake, TX. Our ASE certified mechanics offer the professional automotive services you need, and the expertise you can rely on with each and every job.

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