Cars are made up of thousands of different components that help it to function properly. As we advance through technology, these components just keep on increasing in numbers. The basic components that are required by an automobile to function are engine, body, wheels and brakes. Engine to power the movement, body to accommodate the passengers, wheels to make it move and brakes to make it stop.

The role of the brakes is probably one of the most important in car driving. Not only does it save us from crashing but it also let us stop at our desired point. Brakes have also developed throughout the years and technology has improved them drastically. Introduction of the ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) was a huge breakthrough in car brakes technology.

Brakes can be the difference between the life and death of the driver and the car’s passengers. Many people die on the road every year due to accidents caused by brake failure. It is very important to get your brakes checked regularly by taking your car for auto repair in Southlake, TX.

Some of the major signs that might indicate a problem in your car’s braking system are:


Most of the modern cars nowadays use disc brakes as their primary stopping system. These brakes are highly efficient and reliable in any kind of emergency situation. The disc brake system consists of a rotor which is attached to the hub and moves with the wheel. Brakes pads are attached within a close range of the rotor to stop it through contact resistance when needed. The brake pads are deployed through a hydraulic piston which is directly controlled from the brake pedal.

As you can imagine this simple but effective system gets worn out after a certain amount of use. Especially the brake pads get worn out rather quickly than other components due to excessive use. So whenever you feel your brakes getting a bit loose, check the brake pads of your car.

To check the condition of the brake pads you just have to look at them through the spokes of your wheels. The braking system is clearly visible through the wheels of modern cars with fancy rims. But if you have one of those old steel rims then you will have to remove the wheel to check the brake pads. You need to make sure that your brake pads are at least quarter of inch thick. If they are not, you need to get your brake pads changed by taking your car for auto repair shop in Southlake, TX.


Another major indicator of failing brakes is the high pitched squealing noise. It is better to keep your ears open and keep the volume down of the stereo to stop this sign. If you ever hear squealing sound from your car whenever you brake then it’s a big sign that you haven’t been taking care of your car. It means that your brake pads are so much worn out that now the metal of the calipers is exposed and it is grinding against the rotors whenever you press the braking pedal. So not only are you putting your life in peril but you are also destroying your rotors and this might cost you even more money in repair.

Take your car immediately to a professional auto repair shop in Southlake, TXwhenever you hear squealing sounds to get your brakes repaired.


Vibrations in the brake pedal only occur when you brake too hard in any emergency situation. These vibrations are common in ABS due to its interval grabbing of the rotor to prevent locking. But if you feel these normal vibrations on the brake pedal even when you brake softly, then it is an indication that something is wrong. Usually the vibrations are created through a worn out or uneven rotor.

Rotors can get uneven in shape due to extreme stress on them. Hard braking can create immense heat due to friction which can expand the metal rotors. When their temperatures get low again they might not get into their original shape. So if you ever feel vibrations in your normal stress-free braking, get it checked from the best auto repair in Southlake, TX.


Brake pedal is the only control of brakes you have inside the car besides handbrake. Its job is to apply brakes according to the pressure applied on it by your foot. So if your brake pedal starts acting against its simple nature then it definitely needs to get checked by a good auto repair in Southlake, TX.

A corrupt brake pedal acts in two different ways. First one is that it becomes mushy and doesn’t apply brakes until you almost floor it. This action of the pedal means that either your brake pads are worn out or your brake fluid is low in quantity. In any case you need to get your brakes checked immediately.

Second strange action of the brake pedal is that it applies hard brakes with even the slightest touch by your foot. This action probably means that your rotor is worn out unevenly, brake fluid might be dirty or there might be moisture contamination in your brake oil. This strange acting of the brake pedal can be every dangerous on the road so you need to get your brakes repaired through the best auto repair in Southlake, TX.


If it seems like your car has a mind its own by changing directions whenever you apply brakes, then it’s a big indication that your braking system is faulty. Change of direction can be caused by a stuck caliper which resists wheel on one side of the car, causing the other side to change direction. So get your brakes checked every time you feel your car is trying to take you somewhere else whenever you brake.

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