Car maintenance is a year-round practice. As busy as you may get, it is something that you must make time for to ensure your and your family’s road safety. At Import Car Center, we make sure that our customers can avail high quality services every time they bring in their vehicle for Auto Repair in Keller, TX. To help make sure that your vehicle is safe to use as the season changes, we have drawn up a list of six things that you must get checked:


Tires are a top priority for seasonal auto repair and maintenance. As the seasons change, your tires need to be maintained in terms of rotation and alignment. This is because the tread on them will wear down over time, with one side more worn out than the other. This causes problems in both balance and alignment and is a major reason for uneven driving. It can also create problems in smooth steering. Make sure to get your tires rotated regularly when you bring in your vehicle for Auto Repair in Keller, TXThis will reduce the problem of an uneven tire tread, allowing for smoother driving. It also increases the life span of your tires.


Seasonal shifts cause a buildup of dust and additional debris in your car. The hot summers in Keller are characterized by dry and dusty roads, rainfall, and other factors that affect the condition of your car. It is advisable, therefore, that you get an oil change when you bring in your car for Auto Repair in Keller, TXThis is important because the accumulated dust and debris can make your oil dirty. The heat can also cause fluids to deplete in your vehicle, which will make the oil sticky and clumpy over time and render it useless. A good auto repair service would suggest an oil change once in 6 months.


While Keller does not get an extensive amount of ice and snow, the seasonal change does impact the brakes of your car as well and lessens their efficiency. Make a point of getting the caliper, drum, rotor and pads checked to ensure that everything is working properly. If your brake pads have not been changed for some time now, we suggest you visit a professional service offering Auto Repair in Keller, TX. Getting fresh pads will improve the braking mechanism of your car and help you drive better on slick roads.


Proper temperature regulation is another aspect that needs attention during a seasonal change. As you leave spring and enter into the hot summer of Keller, you’re going to want to make sure your car’s air conditioning is working properly. The same goes for when the temperatures cool towards the end of the year and you want your car to be toasty and warm during the winter. Get your car’s heating and air conditioning checked by a professional mechanic who does Auto Repair in Keller TXThey will carry out a visual inspection, make minor repairs to make sure everything is working well and also check the vents and fluids. They will also make sure there are no leaks to rule out any issues.


Getting your car battery checked by a professional offering Auto Repair in Keller, TX, is another item you need to add to your checklist. If there are issues with your battery, then your mechanic cannot do much except replace it. The condition of your battery will tell you about the lifespan of your car as well. For example, if your battery is not causing problems, but your car has trouble maintaining charge while in use, it could suggest that instead of the battery, it is the charging and starting system that is creating a problem.

A professional mechanic at a good auto repair service can check for buildup on the contacts, leaks, or any other issue that might be responsible for your battery not working properly. Whatever the problem, your mechanic can take care of it, make suitable adjustments, and get your car back on the road in no time.


Having properly working turn lights is a must for safe driving. If your turn lights are malfunctioning, you are potentially exposing yourself and others at risk. As per the Texas transportation codes, you are required to make sure that your turn signals are working fine. In case of broken or malfunctioning turn signal, make sure to bring in your car for Auto Repair in Keller, TXat once and get it fixed. Otherwise, you run the risk of breaking the law.


There are many more aspects of car maintenance. If you are not sure which part of your car requires work, we suggest a full tune-up. You can bring in your car for Auto Repair in Keller, TXand put your mind at ease about any potential problems ahead of weather and seasonal changes. Your mechanic will do a thorough inspection and check for any problems with the engine, battery, ignition, etc.

While there is no particular standard followed for a tune-up and it varies from service to service, the team at Import Car Center tries to be as thorough as possible in catching any problems and making sure it gets fixed right away. They also provide the option of scheduling their services online. You can provide the essentials of your car and what you might think the problem might be. This helps save time and allows the team to be ready for a repair or tune-up when you bring your car in.

If you would like some more information regarding car maintenance or would like to learn more about other auto services that are offered at Import Car Center, click here. They are easily the best option for Auto Repair in Keller, TXand their services will not disappoint.

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