Cars have become an essential part of our lives. It is almost impossible to live without these giant metal boxes on wheels. According to a recent report, more than 16 percent of the entire world population owns a car. This is massive considering there are well over 7 billion people on the planet.

Cars may be useful for our everyday routine, but they are complicated machines with a lot of moving parts and electrical equipment. This means they require regular maintenance in order to work perfectly. So, if you skip your regular maintenance constantly, then you can expect more visits for auto repair in Colleyville, TXin the near future.

One of the most common problems that car owners around the world face is the car’s refusal to start. Imagine you are getting late for work that you decide to skip your breakfast in a hurry only to find out that the car won’t start. There are few feelings worse than this in the world. Anyway, before you panic and call for the best auto repair in Colleyville, TX, try to diagnose the problem as it might save you some time.

Here are 6 problems that might be stopping your car from getting started:


A dead battery is definitely the number one cause of a non-starting car. The battery is the only electrical power that can be used to fire up the engine. There is simply no alternative way to get it going. Sometimes there is a problem in the wiring that may be causing resistance to drop the required voltage level. Some problems are pretty easy to diagnose that you don’t need to take it for auto repair in Colleyville, TX and can do it yourself instead.

Sometimes the battery may not be completely dead, but it may be experiencing low voltage. To diagnose this problem, you need to focus carefully on the sound of the car as you turn the key (or press the start button) to start the engine. If you hear a slower groaning noise than usual, then it indicates low voltage. Keep trying after hearing this noise as your car might start after a few attempts. If it refuses to start and the noise fades away, then it means the battery is drained.

Before you call for auto repair in Colleyville, TX, try jump starting your car. A jump start pretty much guarantees that your car will start. However, you need to take it to the best auto repair in Colleyville, TX before the engine turns on the middle of the road.


An alternator is one of the most important devices situated inside an automobile. It converts mechanical energy into electrical energy. This means it acts as an onboard generator, except that it harnesses the energy directly from the engine movement.

The alternator is also responsible to recharge the battery. Therefore, if your battery is dead, then it could be because of the defective alternator. However, before you put the entire blame on the alternator, just open the hood of the car and check the drive belt attached to the alternator. If you notice that the drive belt is constantly slipping, then you need to change it immediately. A slippery drive belt reduces the efficiency of the alternator, hence avoiding it to charge the battery properly.

If the drive belt gets damaged or alternator malfunctions, then you must receive a warning light on the dashboard. However, there is no warning light for poor charging. In any case, you need to take your car for a good auto repair service in Colleyville, TX.


Another major problem that might be preventing your car from starting is a bad starter. A starter is a device that draws the current from the battery and then spins quickly to fire up the engine. If you hear a grunting noise when attempting to start the car, then it is a clear indication of a faulty starter. The starter might be drawing more current then it needs and, hence, failing to start the car on the limited power provided by the battery. If you encounter this problem, then you need to immediately call for auto repair in Colleyville, TX and get your starter repaired or replaced.


Most modern cars are equipped with power steering technology. This steering wheel locks itself when the key is removed from the ignition. If the steering wheel is moved against the locking paw, then it also locks the ignition. Therefore if you attempt to start the car in this situation, then you will most likely fail. So, before you panic and call for auto repair in Colleyville, TX, try nudging the steering a little bit as it will surely help a lot.


You will be surprised to hear this, but there are many people who forget to fill up the gas on time. It could be a malfunction fuel indicator or sensor that fools them or they simply just don’t bother to look down. Anyway, if your car refuses to start, then simply check the fuel indicator just in order to make sure.


A fuel pump is a device that is responsible for transferring the fuel from the tank to the engine. A failing fuel pump might be preventing your car to start. If there’s no fuel in the engine, then it won’t be able to start at all. Therefore, call for auto repair in Colleyville, TX to get you fuel pump repaired or replaced to avoid further problems.


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