Just a few decades ago, air conditioning systems in an automobile were considered luxury features. Only a few high-end luxury vehicles used to have air conditioning because it was just too expensive to install them in a normal non-luxury car. Today, it has become a standard feature due to advancement in technology.

Air conditioning systems are complex equipment that provides you with a comfortable environment inside the cabin of your car. It is also important to get them inspected regularly by taking your car to a good auto repair shop in Keller, TX.

A faulty air conditioning system can be very uncomfortable especially if you live in an area where temperatures get incredibly high during the summer. To avoid getting in this uncomfortable situation, you just have to notice the initial warning signs from your car’s air conditioning system as these indicate an upcoming fault in the near future.

Here are 8 signs that might indicate you need an air conditioner repair for your car:


There is only one way an air conditioner can provide cooling inside the car cabin effectively, and that way is through a powerful airflow. So when you turn on the air conditioner and notice little to no airflow out of the air vents inside your car cabin, then it definitely means there is something wrong. The usual causes for weak airflow are loose blower hose, broken ventilation fan, or an accumulated mold. It is better to get your car’s air conditioner examined by taking it for a good auto repair in Keller, TX.


Air conditioning systems are designed to provide cooler temperatures with the help of condensation process. Therefore, whenever you turn on the air conditioner, it is most likely going to produce moisture around its coils. This dripping of water is then flushed out through a good drainage system.

If you notice visible water on your dashboard or even on the floor of your car’s interior, then it’s a clear indication that moisture from the air conditioner is leaking. The major cause for this leak is usually a clogged drainage hose. Get it repaired immediately through a good auto repair in Keller, TXbefore it causes further damage to other interior components.


The major purpose of an air conditioning system is to provide cool temperatures wherever it is installed. So if your car’s air conditioner is not cooling your cabin, then that is an obvious sign that something is wrong with it. Common problems that cause lack of cooling are broken compressor, faulty blower motor, blown up fuse, or a damaged evaporator. Although it might just be a pretty minor issue, you still need to get it fixed to avoid agonizing hot temperatures. Find a good auto repair in Keller, TXand fix your air conditioner.


Just imagine that you are heading out in the afternoon heat and getting in your car. You start the engine and turn on the air conditioner and out comes the soothing cool breeze that makes you feel refreshed. But after just a few minutes this cool air suddenly gets warm, and you starting sweating due to the rising temperature. This simple moment can ruin your mood and can make you feel uncomfortable.

This weird behavior of the air conditioner is usually caused by clogged valves that prevent the refrigerant from entering the evaporator. It is essential to get it repaired as soon as possible from a good auto repair service in Keller, TXif you wish to comfortably travel in hot weather.


Air conditioners in automobiles are designed to be as quiet as possible. So if you start hearing weird rattling noises whenever you turn the air conditioning system on, then there is certainly something wrong with it. Usually the rattling noises are caused by a broken fan part or even some debris stuck inside the system. You need to get it repaired immediately because it can cause further damage if ignored.


Bad smells can be quite uncomfortable anywhere. They ate worse in a small locked place such as a car cabin. So if you can smell some unbearable nasty odors from the air conditioner of your car, then it might be because of the filthy cabin filter. Cabin filter needs to be replaced regularly in order for the car air conditioning system to work properly.

Other than the cabin filter, bad smells can also be caused by a mold which might be developing around the evaporator or even inside the air vent. A mold needs to be cleaned immediately as it can trigger allergic reactions of some people. Take your car for a good auto repair in Keller, TXafter just a whiff of bad odor.


If you somehow managed to diagnose the issues in your car’s air conditioning system and found out that the problem lies in the evaporator and compressor or in the fittings of both these components, then it is a clear indication that the compressor oil is leaking. You can’t really see an oil leak so you just have to guess it. However, it is recommended to hand it over to a professional by taking it to the best auto repair in Keller, TX.


If, you turn on the air conditioner in your car and smell burning odor immediately, then that is a warning sign. There might be wires burning inside the system due to overheating. This is a serious issue and it means that you need to take your car to a good auto repair in Keller, TXto get it fixed before anything else goes wrong.

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