Your car is a sophisticated piece of machinery that requires a lot of checks and attention to detail. Leaving your car unchecked for elongated periods of time can have serious repercussions and may leave you hanging, and in need of an emergency repair down the line. The best way to go about such a repair is to have different checks in place, to ensure that you and your car are not going through any trouble.

Since most car owners don’t have much information about auto repair in Grapevine, TX, we have taken this task upon ourselves. Not only will we be educating you about the different components present in your car, and how often should you perform a maintenance check, but we will also be letting you know, why you need the maintenance check within that period of time.

It is important to note here that your car would only perform as well as you treat it. Having a 5 to 10 year old car that gives the feel of a new one might sound like the stuff of dreams, but to be honest, if you take good care of your car and don’t leave any stone unturned to ensure that it lasts long, you can get the desired performance.

To take good care of your car, you need to keep performing auto repairs in Grapevine, TX and ensuring that every component is well checked. Here we take a look at the checklist for some important components.


Engine oil change is perhaps one of the most frequent auto repairs in Grapevine, TX. It is advised that you keep checking on the oil present inside your car, because if you fail to do so, your engine might be under threat of failure.

An engine that is performing on a low quantity of engine oil will never be able to give the performance that you require out of it. Engine oil is the lubrication that your engine needs to function properly. Your car’s engine will only function smoothly if it is getting the necessary lubrication. An auto repair in Grapevine, TXwould be required to fill the engine oil and look after other parts of your car’s tuning.

We don’t recommend working on this yourself, as you may not know the intricate details involved in this process. A normal tuning process involves changing the air filters, looking on the spark plugs present inside your car, and ensuring that every bit of the engine is properly lubricated. An auto repair in Grapevine, TXis hence necessary for getting that job done.


The air conditioning service present inside your car is a full machinery of its own. There is a compressor, a condenser and air vents that make it pretty much a complete conditioning system.

Since the air conditioner works by itself and is a system in itself, it needs the tuning and care that a normal air conditioning unit will require. This is why your air conditioning system should be a top priority in your auto repair in Grapevine, TX.

Experts recommend that you should have your air conditioning system serviced every year, on an annual basis. How you look after your air conditioner will define how long the system is able to perform. If you keep servicing the compressor and clearing the condenser, you will get a good life out of the system. If you don’t do so, you’ll keep coming across continuous troubles, and your system wouldn’t be able to run its full life. An auto repair in Grapevine, TX, from an experienced professional would do the needful for you here.

If you’ve not had your air conditioner service, a faulty conditioner would give the following signs:

  • Your air conditioner is giving a mere fraction of the cooling that it gives in the past. The cooling is barely able to cool the car, and you can feel the dwindling levels.
  • Your engine is overheating and the AC is partially responsible for it.
  • You hear noises coming from the engine compartment within your AC when it is on. These noises could probably be coming from the compressor located at the back of the dashboard, and they shouldn’t be ignored.
  • Odor coming out from the vents.


The alignment of your wheels is another thing that you should keep an eye on for auto repairs in Grapevine, TX. Your car’s wheel alignment should be checked on an annual basis, to ensure that it does its job smoothly. A poor wheel alignment can not only hinder the smoothness of your ride, but can result in greater problems if left unattended.

If you haven’t noticed yet, your wheel alignment will give the following signs when it needs an auto repair in Grapevine, TX;

  • You notice suspension issues after you’ve barged your tires into a curb or pothole.
  • The steering wheel is not level with the tires. If you hold the steering wheel straight, the car does not go straight.
  • Noisy Tires


Considering the role that brakes usually play in your car, it is extremely important to have them checked and serviced after every once in a while. Most automatic cars tend to induce more wear and tear on brake pads, which is why owners of such cars should be more careful of having their brakes serviced.

An auto repair in Grapevine, TX that looks into the brake servicing, would include the evaluation of brake pads, brake rotors, wheel bearings and brake shoe. All of these checks are necessary for ensuring that your car is giving an optimal performance. If your car’s brakes give out loud noises, fail to defy friction, or don’t work like they used to, then you should opt for an auto repair in Grapevine, TX.

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