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Purchasing a car is of the biggest investments that you make in your life. And when you buy a luxury import car, it’s an even bigger one. While being the owner of a luxury import auto car has its own perks and joys, this ownership also comes along with an added responsibility.

An import car requires extra care and attention from you than you would normally give to a domestic car. You obviously don’t want your huge investment to go down the drain because you neglected its maintenance and repairs.

To make sure that your car has a long life and is able to keep up with its market value, you should visit an experienced auto repair shop regularly.

If you’re still not convinced about the importance of regular maintenance of your imported car, let us explain it to you.


Luxury imported cars have quite a reputation in the auto industry for being fully featured. These imported cars are more reliable and well built. As compared to their domestic counterparts, these cars are much more inexpensive to maintain.

However, this is only when your car gets its routine maintenance done regularly. It’s important to maintain an imported car because this is a huge initial investment to make. An imported car that isn’t kept well maintained might not be able to keep up with the prevailing market value.

Despite their reliability, these cars require maintenance on a regular basis. Skipping routine checkups might result in missing out on a minor problem that could be fixed easily with a small amount spent on repairs. An expert could diagnose the problem early on to avoid any huge problems later.

Besides that, if you keep delaying its repairs and maintenance, it might lead to a bigger problem. As a result you may need to get a car part replaced. Imported auto parts are difficult to get hold of, and can cost you a huge sum of money when you visit an auto repair shop.


We’ve listed a few tips bellow so that your car always looks good and is in running condition.


Although the other domestic cars that you’ve driven before getting an import car might not have needed oil changes as frequently, you must find out about the particular oil change details that the car manufacturer has recommended. An auto repair shop in the Southlake, Tarea can also guide you on this matter.

Imported cars such as Mercedes, Volkswagen, Audi, and BMW have specified extremely high quality, specific synthetic motor oils that have extremely different characteristics from domestic motor oils. Considering that, you need to change your oil on a regular basis as this is a simple way to extend the life of your car. It’s also important to keep in mind that maintenance carried out in due course is much cheaper compared to prospective repairs, especially considering the cost of imported auto parts. You can visit an experienced import car auto repair shop to get your car oil changed.


Surprisingly, a lot of car owners often fail to remember to tend to the everyday wear and tear of the car. The exterior of the car gets damaged with the accumulated dirt and grime. Considering that you own an imported car, you need to take extra care of it. To make it look as good as new, get your car properly washed and waxed from an import car auto repair shop in the Southlake, TX area.

When getting an exterior maintenance for your car, remember that every paint job has a particular kind of wax. But, if you get your imported car waxed on a regular basis, the life of the paint job is extended as a result, which will save you from having to buy a new paint finish. If you notice traces of rust, it’s a red flag, because leaving the rusty areas unattended for long periods would cause it to spread to other parts of your car, and affect its functionality.


Remember that those of you who’ve gotten hold of an older model car need to visit the import car auto repair for tune-ups more religiously. However, this in no way means that the newer models don’t require regular tune-ups. It’s always a good idea to visit an import car auto repair in the Southlake, TX area for routine maintenance.

During checkups, they might be able to come across particular details or issues that, if left unattended, might turn out to get worse and result in huge repair costs later on. The wiring of older imports often needs to be changed, as they tend to wear out with time. When you’re at the import car auto repair, get the battery checked as well. If it’s near the end of its life, you should get it replaced with a new one.

Regular maintenance is the best way to prolong the life of your imported car and keep it in great shape. You might think that these things are hard to miss but a gentle reminder doesn’t hurt anyone.


Now that you realize the importance of maintaining your imported car, all you need to do is pick a high-quality and reliable service. Import Car Center is among the leading auto repair shops in the Southlake, TX area. We offer auto repair services along with maintenance, engine check, oil change, transmission, and breaks service. We specialize in imported and luxury cars with the necessary resources and skills required. You can trust us with your cars, so schedule an appointment today.

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