Yes, a good exhaust can definitely increase your car’s performance. Most of the cars that feature stock exhaust perform well as it is installed by the manufacturer. But what if you want an extra something? Like more horsepower without tweaking your car’s engine bits.

You need to get a better exhaust system and the best place to get this work done is at a professional Auto Repair shop in Grapevine, TX.

To understand how an exhaust system on car works we need to understand each part of the system.


The exhaust manifold is the very first part of the exhaust system that is directly attached to the engine. Made mostly out of stainless steel or cast iron the manifold is responsible for collecting all the gases directly out of the engine. It takes gases from each cylinder head in a different pipe and then merges them all in single pipe. To improve the performance of the manifold, you just need to increase the diameter of the pipe heads attached directly to the cylinder heads. And of course the best place to get this all done is at an auto repair shop in Grapevine, TX. They will have experts that will install new manifolds to improve the performance of your car in no time.


The next part in the system is the catalytic converter. This device is very much underrated when it comes to protecting the environment. It collects all the toxic NOx and COx from the exhaust manifold and then converts them into less harmful gasses that are much safer for the environment. At Import Car Center Auto Repair in Grapevine, TXyou can get a new catalytic converter installed by our skilled mechanics.


O2 sensor is installed between the exhaust manifold and the catalytic converter or between the catalytic converter and the resonator, or sometimes on both ends of the catalytic converter (it all depends on the car manufacturer). The main function of the O2 sensor is to check for air/fuel ratio in the exhaust system. If there is more oxygen in the system then it alerts the fuel injection system to inject more fuel. Any worthwhile, Auto Repair in Grapevine, TXshould be able to install/remove the O2 sensor according to your requirements.


The resonator is not an essential part of the exhaust system that’s why many car manufacturers tend to not install it in their cars. Anyway, its function is to reduce the annoying noise of the engine by injecting sound waves to counter the noise that comes out of the catalytic converter.


The last part of the exhaust system is the muffler. The muffler is a device that cancels out all the remaining noise in the system and then lets it all out of the tail pipe. If you have an import car and you need to replace its muffler, then the best place to go is at the Import Car Center Auto Repair Grapevine, TX.


Well, it depends on what you want from you vehicle. Are you someone who just likes to use your car as a means of transportation that helps you get from point A to point B?

How much horsepower is your car is producing? What is its acceleration rate? Is it making good noise or not?

If you are not bothered about these questions then you definitely do not need any up gradation to your car’s exhaust system.

If the previously mentioned questions are important and you are a car person who likes to expect their imported car to perform at the peak of its condition, you need to have it looked at by an expert Auto Repair in Grapevine, TXlike Import Car Center. We will install/remove parts of the exhaust system that are necessary or unnecessary to get your car the performance it deserves.

Here are some of the things you have to keep in mind before upgrading your exhaust system:


Now before you get to this point, you need to bear in mind that after market exhausts does not necessarily mean an increase in car performance. Sometimes it turns out to be a downgrade rather than upgrade from stock exhaust system. It all comes down to the exhaust system you choose to replace the original one.

If you are not an expert of car parts, then you need an expert’s advice and if you own an import car then there is no better place than Import Car Center Auto Repair in Grapevine, TX. We can get you the best after market exhaust to boost your car’s performance and get as much horsepower out of it as possible.


Getting a performance exhaust system can definitely give a little boost to your car’s performance. But the maximum increase in horsepower will be around 2% to 3%. Now these figures are just estimates and of course it varies from engine to engine.

The bigger the engine of the car, the lesser the increase of horsepower will occur. Import cars have all kinds of engines, form 1.6L 4 cylinders up to 6.5L V12s. At Import Car Center Auto Repair in Grapevine, TXwe have mastered all the engines performance upgrades due to exhaust system will give you import car the best possible power upgrade.


Your car might not be under performing because of the exhaust system at all. Just bring your import car over to Import Car Center in Grapevine, TX and get it looked at by our expert mechanics. We will have a look at your car’s exhaust system as well as other options to make it perform better. Maybe your engine management system needs an upgrade or maybe just the fuel injection system is broken. There can be many other options other than the exhaust systems that may be holding you import car back. All you need is an expert’s opinion and we would be glad to provide you that.

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