Your car’s transmission system allows you to vary your car’s speed by shifting gears. The gears control the speed of the engine by increasing or decreasing the torque. The value of torque determines how the car will accelerate and move at high speed. It controls the way your car’s wheels turn and allow your car to move at different speeds.

Auto repair experts in Southlake, TX suggest that car owners should learn how their car’s transmission system works because it will help them solve problems related to it. This blog post will teach you everything that you need to know about transmission systems.


There are two main types of transmission systems that most cars have – manual and automatic. Let’s take a closer look at each of these types and see what makes them different from each other.


Manual transmission includes a gearbox that is used in conjunction with a clutch pedal located beside the brake pedal near the feet of the driver. Commonly known as a stick shift, it offers five gears along with a reverse mode. Some modern manual transmissions offer six-speed options along with a reverse option. As the driver accelerates to a higher speed, they need to shift the gear using the clutch pedal to a higher gear ratio as well. According to auto repair experts in Southlake, TXmany people find it difficult to drive a manual transmission car as compared to an automatic one. That’s mainly because of the additional clutch pedal that they need to control while shifting gears.


Automatic transmission saves drivers from the hassle of shifting gears as they increase or decrease the car’s speed. Cars equipped with an automatic transmission change the gears on their own as the speed varies. It allows the driver to use both their hands to control the steering wheel. On the other hand, with manual transmission, the driver has to control the steering using only one hand while shifting the gears.

According to auto repair experts in Southlake, TX, people find it difficult to understand the functions of the different letters printed on the automatic transmission gearbox. We will help you understand what those symbols mean and how to use them while driving.

  • P – This stands for ‘park’ and it’s pretty obvious that you use this gear when you park your car.
  • R – This stands for ‘reverse’ and it’s quite obvious when to use it.
  • N – The ‘neutral’ gear is used to cut the connection between the wheels and engine. This gear is usually used while towing.
  • D – The ‘drive” gear is used while you drive your car. It automatically shifts gears according to the speed of your car.
  • L – This stands for ‘low’. It is used while driving on a slope. It fixes your gear so that you can only drive at a low speed. It does not allow gears to change automatically.
  • 2 – It fixes the car’s transmission in the second gear. You can use this gear when you don’t need to increase your speed more than the second gear.
  • 3 – Like 2, it fixes your car transmission so that your car’s speed does not exceed the third gear.

Automatic transmission offers a wide range of flexible options for the driver. It also lessens the burden on the driver by automatically shifting gears. This is why people prefer automatic transmission over manual, according to auto repair professionals in Southlake, TX.


Although a car with a manual transmission is difficult to operate because it requires a lot of practice, it is much cheaper to maintain as compared to one with an automatic transmission. If you are lucky enough to own a manual transmission car, it means you’re paying less to the auto repair shop in Southlake, TXfor gear problems as compared to automatic transmission drivers.

Here are some of the common transmission problems that auto repair experts in Southlake, TXsolve on a daily basis.


You might notice that there is a delay when you shift the gear. Normally, the gear should come into action as soon as it is changed. Due to the low level of transmission fluid, there is a delay in the application and effect of gear.

Apart from that, the low transmission fluid level makes shifting gears difficult. In a manual transmission car, the gear will refuse to change when you try to shift the stick from one position to the other. If you face such a situation, take your car for auto repair in Southlake, TX. The experts will inspect your transmission fluid and refill it in case it is low.


Your ride isn’t supposed to shake while you drive it. It should run smoothly without any jerks. If you notice that your car is grinding or shaking unusually while driving, it means that there is a problem with the gears. You need to take it to a professional who provides auto repair services in Southlake, TX. They will look at the transmission system of your car and fix it to ensure that your car runs smoothly without any unusual tugging.


If you feel that the clutch in your manual transmission car is behaving oddly, it means that there is a problem with it and you need to get it checked. If you feel that your clutch is too hard or too soft to press, take your car for auto repair in Southlake, TX. The professionals will inspect your transmission system and fix the issue that’s causing your clutch to behave in an unusual way.

By taking your car for regular maintenance to an auto repair shop in Southlake, TX, you can decrease the chances of your car developing the above-mentioned problems. For high-quality car maintenance services, visit Import Car Center. They have highly-experienced professionals who know how to deal with automotive problems. For further details, visit their website or give them a call at (817) 481-5665.


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