Today’s new vehicles tend to have more dash indicator and warning lights than ever before. When you start your car a number of lights come on, and for many vehicles this is a time when the car is self-testing. A light that remains on, however, can indicate a problem with your vehicle. The Check Engine light is probably the most widely known, and it can indicate a number of different things. However, you may not know that the light can on solid or flashing, and each has its own message. A check engine light that stays solidly on, means a problem has occurred more than once. A common cause is an emission-related problem that should be checked by a trained mechanic. Another common cause is a loose or damaged gas cap. In general, a solid check engine light is no cause for panic, but it should be checked as soon as possible. The Import Auto Center can provide the auto repair in Colleyville, TX that you require. A flashing check engine light, is however, an urgent warning that damage is occurring to the vehicle’s engine, and you should pull off the road as soon as is safely possible.


The battery warning light alerts you to a problem with the battery, the alternator which charges the battery, or a problem with the drive belt that turns the alternator. Most cars have a single serpentine belt that controls numerous functions. When the belt fails the alternator can fail to charge the battery. You can also lose power steering, and water pump operation. Take the battery warning light seriously and schedule auto repair in Colleyville, TX at the Import Car Center.


The oil pressure warning light may indicate an oil leak, a bad sensor or other issues. It is important to use the correct oil as indicated by the owner’s manual. Also, do not overfill the engine – an excess of oil is just as damaging to the engine as being low on oil. If your oil level is normal, and the oil light is staying on, call Import Car Center to schedule auto repair in Colleyville, TX.

Oil Change Reminder Light

This indicator is a reminder that it is time to change the oil. After changing the oil, reset is required. The reset procedure is listed in your owner’s manual. Import Auto Center can take care of your vehicle’s maintenance and offers superior services by certified mechanics. Contact us today to schedule maintenance or auto repair in Colleyville, TX


The ABS warning light signifies trouble with the anti-lock braking system. It does not necessarily mean that your vehicle has no brakes, but often indicates that the ABS system itself is not functioning. If your vehicle has an ABS system warning light, have it checked out ASAP.


The brake warning light, alone or along with the ABS warning light, should be taken seriously and considered a dangerous condition. Stop driving as soon as you can safely pull over. Do not brake suddenly, allow the vehicle to slow down gradually pull off the road. Import Car Center ASE certified professional will be glad to provide the auto repair in Colleyville, TX that your brakes require.


Many of today’s automobiles monitors the pressure of each tire, and warn you when there is a pressure drop. When the low tire pressure warning light comes on, you should pull over to a safe place and inspect the tires.

Improper tire pressure adversely affects fuel economy and causes premature wear on the tires. It is common for tire pressure to fluctuate according to the outdoor temperature and when the tires heat up during driving. Colder weather results in lower tire pressure, while warmer weather increases the tire pressure. Keep a check on your tire pressure, and check it before driving your car. Never drive on a flat tire, as damage can result to the wheel and tire. Call for roadside service or change the tire.


An illuminated temperature warning light indicates your vehicle is overheating. This may be due to a coolant leak, failed water pump, a leaking radiator or heater hose or even the radiator itself, or a faulty thermostat. While there are other potential causes, these are the most common. Continuing to drive when overheating is occurring can result in damage to the engine. In addition, never open the radiator cap on a hot car. Under pressure, the scalding hot coolant can spew out, causing severe burns. Have your car towed to Import Car Center for auto repair in Colleyville, TX.


This indicator typically warns you of a lighting or other electrical problem that is controlled by the body control module (BCM). Check all lights such as headlightsturn signalsbrake lights, and hazard lights. This indicator may also be used to warn of a traction control problem, or even a problem of communication between modules. Import Car Center can diagnose the problem and provide reliable auto repair in Colleyville, TX.

For concerns regarding instrument panel warning lights, check your owner’s manual, or contact Import Car Center for assistance, or to schedule auto repair in Colleyville, TXWe offer the latest state-of-the-art equipment, and our mechanics maintain up-to-date training on the most recent training, upgrades and problems that affect your automobile. Give us a call today, or bring your car in for service you can rely on.

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