Flood Damaged Cars

Car damaged due to floods experience catastrophic damage, and damage that can continue as time goes on. Reporting a car damaged by flooding is a requirement, and it should show up on a vehicle history report and when the VIN is checked. In addition to obtaining these reports, it is always a good investment to have a trusted mechanic check out the used car you are interested in, including for signs of its being in a flood. You can rely on Import Car Center in Southlake, TX to provide the automotive inspection and/or repair that you require.

The Signs of Flood Damage

When shopping for a used car, knowing the signs of flood damage can prevent a sale you are likely to regret. The signs of a flood-damaged vehicle are not difficult to determine, when you are aware of how to recognize them. A vehicle that has been in flood water will have experienced the deposit of soil, and rust is likely to develop on metal components. Check for dirt and rust in unusual or hard to access places. Locations that are difficult to reach are the least likely to have been thoroughly cleaned, and the most likely to reveal evidence of flooding. Use the following tips to assist you in identifying a flood damaged car, or bring your car to our auto repair shops in Southlake, TX for a thorough inspection:

Signs of Flooding

  • Watch for upholstery and carpet that do not match. Brand new upholstery or carpet is also a warning sign. If you are uncertain, A Fifth Gear professional can compare the interior and exterior paint colors to those identified on the vehicle manufacturing sticker, just bring the car into our auto repair shops in Southlake, TX.
  • Check for rust in areas where cleaning is difficult, such as door hinges, trunk latches, hood latches, and under the hood. Check for potentially forgotten areas such as the spare tire well and behind bumpers if possible.
  • Look under the gas and brake pedals for rust or mud.
  • Without taking out the seats it is often difficult to thoroughly clean under and around them after a flood has deposited large amounts of soil in a car. Inspect under the seats, in the seat tracks and in the seat belt
  • Look for signs of moisture in the dome light or other interior lighting, including in the instrument panel. Turn on the key to ensure all dashboard startup lights work, and will turn off as they should once you start the car. A light that remains on indicates a problem. If you own a car with a light that remains on, bring it to our auto repair shops in Southlake, TXfor reliable repair.
  • Start the car and test the air conditioning, heater, windshield wipers, radio, turn signals and any backup cameras, ensuring they properly function. Electronic components are especially susceptible to water and may have been replaced. Check the owner’s manual to ensure the radio and camera system are original equipment, and not a different replacement.
  • Ensure the vehicle identification number (VIN) on the dashboard matches the VIN on the door jamb. A difference could indicate the dash has been replaced.
  • Wire terminals can rust when exposed to water, resulting in potentially dangerous electrical problems. Check those you can see for rust, and check in the fuse box for soil or rust on metal components. Import Car Center can provide a thorough inspection for you in our auto repair shops in Southlake, TX.
  • Watch for signs the car has been repainted. Paint that does not match, the presence of over-spray on door jambs, rubber or plastic trim, bumpers, lights, grill and other areas indicate the vehicle has been repainted. New paint indicates the vehicle has been in either an accident or a flood.
  • A musty or moldy odor inside the vehicle and/or trunk indicates potential flooding. A close sniff of the seats, headliner and carpet may reveal flood damage and resulting mold and mildew. A strong odor of chemical cleaners and deodorizers may also indicate a suspicious history.

Car’s today contain an enormous amount of electronic components and specialized computers. These are extremely susceptible to water damage. If you have purchased a car with water damage that requires repair, Import Car Center ASE certified mechanics can provide the services you require in our auto repair shops in Southlake, TX.

A vehicle that has been in a flood is commonly priced well below normal. When properly reported, the vehicle will hold a salvage title, which may affect how it is insured. Furthermore, the vehicle may seem fine at the time of purchase, but you should be aware that corrosion can continue over time, and can end up costing you significant money. In addition, your safety and that of your passengers could potentially be affected by ongoing corrosion.

Import Car Center certified professionals can provide the inspection and/or repair you require in our auto repair shops in Southlake, TX. We strive to provide exceptional automotive services, and we want to ensure your safety, and satisfaction. Our highly trained and certified mechanics take pride in a job well done, the first time. We offer mechanics with specialized knowledge of domestic, import, luxury and European cars. Our auto repair shops in Southlake, TX utilizes the latest state-of-the-art equipment for the highest reliability in diagnostics and repair. Give us a call for the maintenance, inspection, and repair you require for your vehicle.

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