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Savvy drivers often prefer luxury foreign cars like BMW, Mercedes Benz, and Audi because they offer unrivaled performance. However, just because a car offers superior performance does not mean that you can skip regular auto repair maintenance trips. In fact, if you want your new import car to continue to perform at its peak levels you need to make sure that you are practicing good repair habits. An import car features a finely-tuned engine that needs to be regularly serviced.

When it comes to an import car, there are two components that need to be serviced more often than others: the engine and the transmission. If you take proper care of these components your foreign build car has the capacity to serve you well for decades. Here are a few basic maintenance tips that can help you extend the lifespan of your import car.


Having your oil changed on a regular basis seems like a simple thing that both import and non-import drivers should know, but it’s not always as easy as it sounds. People live busy lives and it is a very easy thing to simply forget about. A lot of people don’t want to take the time to drop their car off at the auto repair shop while others just don’t even think about it.

While there are a million reasons why you may not always remember to get your oil changed, it is important to make oil changes a priority if you want your import car to offer you high performance and minimal trips to the repair shop. There are hundreds of moving parts inside of your engine that depend on your oil to properly lubricate them. If you don’t have quality oil in your engine at all times the parts will start to rub on each other and degrade. Eventually, something will break and you will find yourself at the auto repair shop paying for something much more expensive than an oil change.

Simple oil changes are all it takes to keep your engine running correctly. This is even more true while your car is still new. The longer you drive on old oil or low oil levels the higher the chances you will need auto repair in Grapevine, TX. Simply schedule an oil change every 3 months to avoid this issue altogether. You also should make it a point to check your dipstick on a regular basis to make sure that you have the proper amount of oil in your engine.


As mentioned earlier, your transmission is one of the most important components of your car. One great way to protect your transmission is by regularly replacing the pan gasket which eventually wears out and cracks over time. If you ignore the transmission pan gasket it will eventually result in transmission fluid leaking out which can prevent the car from shifting correctly. Eventually, larger mechanical issues will occur and you will find yourself at an auto repair shop.

Many foreign-built cars have reusable pan gaskets, so you simply need to clean the gasket and put it back in. If you aren’t comfortable doing it yourself, allow a skilled professional to handle the task. Replacing the transmission pan gasket is usually very inexpensive and one that will pay off in the long run.


Every time you drive your car the engine burns fuel. This results in the production of large amounts of internal heat. If your cooling system is working properly it will keep the engine from overheating. This process is usually done by antifreeze passing from the engine to the radiator. However, if something happens to your cooling system or you have a coolant leak the engine will start to overheat. It doesn’t take long for an overheated engine to cause major issues that will cause a breakdown and land you in an auto repair shop unexpectedly.

The good news is you can prevent this situation by regularly checking your coolant levels. If you regularly have your oil changed at an auto repair shop they should check the coolant levels for you. If you are unsure, ask because this simple task is all it takes to usually keep an engine from overheating.


Returning to the transmission again, you need to make sure that your car transmission stays clean. Just like any other area of the engine, your transmission can get quite dirty if it is not properly cleaned. Dirt, grime, and fluid typically build up over time and eventually, this same dirt and grime can start to interfere with the way it is running. The good news is that a simple transmission service from time to time at your local auto repair shop is all it takes to prevent dirt from causing any issues with your car. A typical transmission service will include the gasket, transmission pan, transmission case, sealing case, and will include an inspection for any excess fluid that has leaked into the exhaust system.

Feeling a bit overwhelmed by these maintenance tasks? You shouldn’t be because we can take care of all of these tasks and other common auto repair tasks at Import Car Center in Grapevine, TX. We work on all types of import cars and offer both breakdown and basic maintenance tasks. Bring your import vehicle down to our auto repair shop and we will take a look at what needs to be done based on its make and model and suggested maintenance schedule. We can then keep an eye on repairs for you and offer friendly reminders of when cleaning and oil changes should be made.

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