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Do you need to repair your Mercedes or BMW? Get in touch with us at Import Car Center and we will take care of all your luxury car auto repair. Whether it is a transmission rebuild, an alignment, engine service or an oil change, our highly skilled technicians will take care of your car with utmost professionalism. At Import Car Center, we understand that serving you with integrity and honesty is more than just essential, we go further to give you services with the highest standards possible. Our special dedication makes our customer satisfaction rate stand at over 98%.

At Import Car Center, we have a special team that is fully committed to keeping your luxury track or vehicle in reliable and safe condition. Furthermore, our experts are constantly updating their skills, knowledge, certification and training. Honestly, we are very proud of what this team brings to our company, and it would be our pleasure if you met them.

We are an established car specialist company that can meet all your auto repair needs. We are specialized in Mercedes Benz, BMW, Volkswagen, Volvo, Porsche and many others. We have different categories and parts department with every aftermarket and factory parts. Our neatly organized showroom displays import car accessories and wheels for several applications.


Using our mobile and website apps, you can easily access schedule of maintaining all of your vehicles, be given a transparent and fair price, make payments, book an appointment and even get appointment reminders. Since Important car does not have an overhead cost of shopping, we charge less while giving convenient services.

At Important Car Center, scheduling your appointment is very easy. There are just a few things we need, they include:

  • Where you think the problem is i.e ‘My brakes aren’t functioning properly’
  • The make, model and year of your car
  • Your official names, email address, zip code and phone number.

After assessing your Luxury Car Auto Repair in Southlake, TX, we will provide you with a comprehensive list of services, parts and costs needs to repair your car. As mentioned earlier, we strive to give you a transparent and fair price immediately. In addition, all our experts are extremely honest and will honor the quotes provided to them. This way, there will be no last minute surprises or need for negotiations with our mechanics.

Before you book your appointment with us, we will give your mechanic’s work history, certifications, reviews and ratings from previous customers he served. Our mechanics are available seven days a week from morning hours of around 7am to late in the evening. All you have to do is a select a time that will work best for and schedule an appointed with us during that time. To book an appointment online, you will be required to use your credit card. The card won’t be charged until the task is complete. You can also manage the bookings any time from out site or using the mobile app.

Import Car Center is a full service Luxury Car Auto Repair mechanic company that can fix, replace or repair radiators, brakes, air conditioning, cold weather problems, batteries or even snow chains. When you car breaks down anywhere in Southlake, TX, you do not need to call a wreckers, we will come where you are repair your car immediately. We do it at less charges and you will be able to save more money and time.

Whether your Luxury Car Auto Repair problems are small or big, we can confidently handle them. Get in touch with us today and lets prove our quality work and outstanding customer service.


Our mechanics are highly professional with many years of experience. Perhaps, by definition, a mechanic is an individual that depends on appropriate tools and expert knowledge in order to maintain and repair machinery. Our mechanic have specialized in all kinds of machinery, from trucks, vehicle, large movers and even industrial factory equipment. In this context however, when most individuals refer to a mechanic, they mean an auto mechanic. An auto mechanic is a competent professional who ensures your car is smoothly running.


Our mechanics at Import Car Center can do minor repairs, regular maintenance as well as Luxury Car Auto Repair. Let’s look at each task they do.

  • Regular and updated maintenance: As everyone expects, any mechanic is in a position to keep your car running smoothly. Our mechanics do more than that, from AC and heater repair to changing the oil, regularly scheduled maintenance which is the most essential aspect of car ownership. This literary our mechanic’s butter and bread. They simply do it day in day out to an extent that they can handle it in their sleep!
  • Minor Repairs – When it comes to Luxury CarAuto Repair, our skilled mechanics are very skilled at successfully handling any minor luxury car repairs. They can confidently repair breaks, replace alternators and starters. These are the kind of Luxury Car Auto Repair that each vehicle needs to have longer durability periods. As much as we hate to admit it, 90% of car parts wear out, and we will always have to repair them. If we neglect those minor repairs, it can become very dangerous and lead to expensive and severe damages in the long run. It is therefore, highly recommended that you get in touch with professional mechanics to help you sort the problem out.


Are you in need of highly professional Luxury Car Auto Repair services? Get in touch with us at Import Car Center today! We remain committed to giving you the best and highly reliable repair services. We are a top rated company in Texas, with a huge number of clients being satisfied with our services. Our fair rates make it even better for you! We remain unmatched in providing Luxury Car Auto Repair services!

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