The BMW automobile is a prime example of fine German engineering. So when it is time for your car’s maintenance or BMW auto repair in Grapevine, TX, ensure you trust your vehicle to a shop that is highly trained for a BMW’s unique needs. At Import Car Center, you are assured of receiving an ASE certified mechanic with the training and the up-to-date knowledge a BMW luxury vehicle requires. We offer experienced mechanics who provide exceptional service, whether for your domestic, import or luxury vehicle. When your car requires service or BMW auto repair in Grapevine, TXyou can also count on Import Car Center to be equipped with the latest technology and tools specifically for your BMW.


When you provide your BMW with the recommended professional maintenance and service schedule, it will continue to provide its legendary performance for years to come. Eventually, time along with the wear and tear of use will cause the need for BMW auto repair in Grapevine, TXYour owner’s manual will provide you with the recommended schedule for maintenance and service, or give us a call. We will be glad to assist you.

The owners of newer models will be glad to know, that the BMW’s will alert you when it is time for service and maintenance to be performed. The Service Interval Indicator (SII) follows the service dates and mileage, informing you when it’s time to schedule automotive service.

The advanced technology does not stop there though. A Condition Based Servicing System (CBS) monitors your driving habits, and the environmental factors that may affect the vehicle. Working with the car’s on-board computers, the CBS monitors individual components, such as brakes, oil and cabin air filters, tire pressure and more. When parts become excessively worn or are failing, the CBS will inform you via dash lights and the car’s display that service is required. Furthermore, it does so in advance, allowing you the time to schedule a service without rushing straight to the garage. You will need only to ensure service and/or BMW auto repair in Grapevine, TX is provided within the recommended time frame.

Things You Should Check

There are items that will continue to require your attention. For example, the CBS is unable to monitor tire tread-wear. It requires your attention, or your mechanics, to detect uneven tread wear that may indicate the need for wheel alignment. In addition, when you check the tire pressure, always do so before driving. Driving heats the tires up due to friction, and can provide temporarily higher pressure readings.

You should also periodically inspect the radiator hoses for cracking, leakage, wear, a loose clamp, or becoming ‘soft’ with age. As you look over these, also watch for signs of oil or power steering pump leaks. Leaking fluid may be noticeable as it drops to the ground. Oil leaks may also cause the smell of burning oil under the hood. Transmission leaks are best monitored by checking under your car for signs of leaks. However, do not confuse the leak with the normal drainage of the air conditioner.

Coolant leaks may also drip under the vehicle, at the overflow expansion tank or the radiator. An ‘antifreeze smell’ may also be noted with a coolant leak, either inside or outside the car. Never ignore leaking coolant. Low coolant can result in overheating, and can cause permanent damage to the engine. If your vehicle is overheating, pull over to a safe place, and have it towed to Import Car Center for professional diagnosis and repair. Import Car Center can provide the expert BMW auto repair in Grapevine, TXthat you need and can rely on.

The belt is an additional item that can cause problems once wear occurs. Most newer vehicles have a serpentine belt, which is used to move numerous vital components. Examples of the many parts it may operate include the alternator, power steering pump, fan, the water pump and other components. Potential signs of wear include squealing, the battery light coming on, intermittent function of power steering, a low battery, and overheating. Failure can occur to any component relying on the serpentine belt to turn it. You can count on Import Car Center for reliable BMW auto repair in Grapevine, TXGive us a call today to schedule service.

Dash Warning Lights

Warning lights may signal trouble with no small number of things ranging from engine failure, to a trunk or door left open. Your owner’s manual is a great source to learn what a specific warning light means, and whether or not it is a serious enough issue to have your car towed, vs. driving it in for BMW auto repair in Grapevine, TXYou can also give us a call, we will be glad to help. You should pull over to a safe place anytime you see a red brake warning light, oil pressure or oil warning light, engine temperature warning light, battery charging system warning light and/or any others the owner’s manual identifies.

Import Car Center ASE certified mechanic can provide not only service, maintenance and BMW auto repair in Grapevine, TX, we can provide the inspection services you require. Finding a qualified BMW technician with experience, integrity and a true dedication to you and your car does not have to be hard. Contact Import Car Center today to schedule the automotive services your BMW requires.

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