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Brakes are essential for driving. They are the mechanisms that stop your car from crashing into a tree or ramming into children playing on the street.

If you cannot stop your car, there is a problem with your brakes. If your car doesn’t stop, it may cause an accident and even loss of lives.

Brakes can fail anywhere, on a deserted street or on a busy highway. This can be especially dangerous in crowded areas in Grapevine, TX.

You need to be aware of the condition of your brakes, however, and regularly maintain them to avoid future issues and accidents on busy Grapevine, TXhighways and streets.

Brakes should be regularly inspected, repaired and maintained by professional mechanics.



If you hear strange noises coming from your brakes, you should immediately take them to get inspected by a mechanic. Brakes that are faulty might screech and grind against your feet when you press them.

The cause for this symptom is usually a problem with either the brake pad or shoe of the brakes. There are no easy DIY solutions to brake pads and shoe problems, so a trip to an auto repair in Grapevine, TXis a must.


If you suddenly notice that your brakes are vibrating, when they have never done so before, you should probably have them checked.

Brakes that feel like they are vibrating or pulsating are often afflicted with damaged rotors. Rotor damage may also make your steering wheel vibrate. Rotors are parts of the cars that can get wear from metals rubbing against each other.


If your brakes are becoming difficult to use, there’s probably an issue there. If you have to press down a lot harder or farther to brake, the brake pedal and pad have problems.

This is often the key sign that your brake pads have worn down and while this truth may elude laymen, a mechanic will be able to figure it out instantly.


If you smell anything funny near your tires, it’s probably a brake problem. It sounds strange, but often pungent or burning smells near tires have to do with problems in the braking mechanisms of your car.

This could be because wear on the tires due to inefficient braking. It is often unsafe to drive a car if the tires have a burning smell and a mechanic will need to attend to the problem right away. So if you smell something, say something.


This is often the easiest indication of a brake mechanism problem. The warning light will show up on your dashboard and if it does, do not ignore it.

The light is the car’s way of telling you it needs help and needs its brakes checked right away by a professional auto repair in Grapevine, TX.


Here are some common braking issues you should be weary of:


If your brake pedal starts to feel a little spongy or soft, you have a big problem on your hands. This is often indicated by the pedal sinking into the floor.

The problem here usually is a leak. Your braking system and brake fluid reservoir will need to be inspected for leaks by auto repair professionals.

If there is a leak it will be indicated by the fluid being lower than the low-level mark. There could also be an internal leak if the brake is squishy but the fluid is full.


If your brakes are squealing, you might need an auto repair mechanic’s help right away. Squeals often occur when the brake pads are of low quality. Squealing noises may also be caused by low brake lubricants, and faulty rotors.

An auto repair professional will then need to lubricate your braking system, from your pads and rotors to your caliper bolts and brake calipers.

But don’t worry, once your mechanic tends to the car, you can drive down Grapevinestreets safely again.


If your vehicle is steering to one side, you might have a stuck caliper. It can be caused by dust or grime in the pistons that will eventually rust or corrode the caliper. This causes the problems in the fluid pressure so that it cannot press down the piston well.

The vehicle turning problem may also be caused by worn front tires. They might need to be replaced and get tire rotation auto repair in Grapevine, TX.


If you have a stiff or stuck brake pedal, you could have a brake booster problem. A mechanic will need to inspect the vacuum hose to the booster and secure and check the connection between the two.

Your brakes might also have to be redone and reattached through auto repair if the problem persists.


If your car shakes when you brake, this is also a huge problem. It could be a sign of warped rotors or drums that might need refacing or replacement.

You should call immediately for auto repair services in Grapevine, TXif this problem occurs or persists.


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