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Function of a Clutch

So what exactly does a clutch do in your vehicle?

The clutch is actually responsible for connecting the rotating shafts in your car. This is used in manual transmissions for most traditional cars in order for the car to turn, move forward or stop.

The clutch helps to control the rotating shafts in the engine, controlling the movements and functioning. The clutch is also responsible to turning the shafts of the wheels.

There are many components of a clutch that might have problems or fall into disrepair. A clutch system is a complicated network of parts like clutch discs, cables, linkages, release mechanisms, pilot bearings, flywheels, and clutch forks.

A clutch system can often last a very long while, for around 50,000 to 100,000 miles. Clutch systems can have long lives but can be damaged if the car has heavy loads. It can also be damaged or worn down by stopping the car a lot during the car’s drive.

Clutch systems can have problems and failures after they age out or have problems due to a lot of clutch wearing down. Clutch failures can be easy to point out if the clutch pedal stops working properly or have strange noises coming from the clutch systems.


So what are some of the common issues in clutches and clutch systems that might need auto repair? Well, as responsible Grapevine car owners you ought to watch out for the following issues:


Cars and car engines can stop working properly or start up slowly if car clutch systems are wearing down. Reversing the reverse or getting the car into gear can be very difficult as a result of this.


Clutch pedals might start emitting strange noises if there are problems in the clutch or transmission systems. If the clutch system is squealing, growling, or grinding, you might have problems. These noises can occur when you change gears.

Transmission systems can even start being noisy if there are clutch issues, especially if the car is being neutral. You should have these checked by professional auto repair in Grapevine.


A clutch system is also connected to the pedal. If the pedal starts behaving strangely or the pedal is not performing properly. The pedal can vibrate, loosen, harden or feel spongy if there are clutch system problems that must be inspected by auto repair in Grapevine.



Clutches can often wear down when they have problems with the friction material. Your clutch disc usually has this friction material on it, as well as the disc brake pads.

When this friction material erodes or clears away, you will have problems with clutch friction and slippage. Another issue that can emerge as a result of this is the lack of power form engines to wheels in the car.

If you face any of these issues, you should get immediate auto repair in Grapevine, TX from local mechanics.


Another serious clutch issue can be if the clutch disc and flywheel are not moving in tandem. If the two parts are locked together, the friction material can negatively affect the flywheel.

If the clutch disc starts to slip against the flywheel part, you will have wearing of the friction material in your clutch system.


A clutch can have sticking problems, grinding problems and gear functions problems. If your clutch is sticking, or not releasing properly, it can have problems with the input shaft. Your clutch can be problematic or stick due to a few key reasons.

These include the following:

  • If the clutch cable is broken or stretched out and does not have the correct tension levels to function properly.
  • Problematic or leaking clutch cylinders can cause problems in pressure building that is necessary for the functioning of the car.
  • You can have air in your hydraulic line that can replace the fluid inside and cause further issues in pressure building.
  • If you have problematic linkages that are not adjusted correctly, you might have transmission problems when working the pedal.
  • If you have improper or unsuitable clutch parts installed. You need to make sure that you have the correct parts installed that match the other components of the clutch system. In order to do so, you need to contact professional auto repair in Grapevine, TX.


When clutches are not working correctly, you might start to notice that they are hard. If you have to press down very hard on your clutch, you need to go to a car mechanic. This is because the pedal linkages, cables, cross shafts and pivot balls might have serious issues.

There can be sticking and binding in any or more than one of these parts. There can also be problems like worn seals in your clutch’s hydraulic systems.


Clutch systems have clutch release bearing that lead to force being applied to spinning pressure plates. This can allow the release and proper movement of the clutch.

If you have a bearing problem, you will hear rumbling coming from your clutch if you are starting to bear down on it. If you hear rumbling sounds, you should get auto repair in Grapevine and inspections because you probably have problems in your throw-out bearings.


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