With the progress and innovation of the digital age have come numerous advances in automobile technology and computer systems. They have provided users with great advantages and have allowed their car journeys to be easier, productive, and more efficient.

Technologies like the GPS navigation system have become common-place. They allow the user to navigate complicated routes and reach destinations much more quickly and easily than before.

The GPS has revolutionized travel experience as has the introduction of the internet and Bluetooth technologies in car systems. The advent of these technologies has brought with them better driving experiences as well as their own unique problems.

Technological systems, while efficient, are after all fallible and require mechanical attention. Automobile technologies can be essential to the car itself and their fallibility could be a safety hazard.

Car technology could need immediate auto repair in Lewisville, TX. Responsible car owners would do well to ensure that the maintenance and repairs of essential car technologies are up-to-date.

However, even car owners may not know when they should seek auto repair in Lewisville, TX. It is important to seek maintenance and repair services when you face any of the following.


A Global Positioning System is a navigational system in the car that allows users to navigate, map and seek driving routes with ease.

The GPS system may need auto repair in Lewisville, TX, for essential software functioning. The mechanic will need to check if the GPS is installed correctly and is mapping routes accurately.

A GPS may be faulty if the mapping speed and precision is lacking. The GPS may be inaccurate and may display inaccurate travel routes. In these cases, the car owner must be sure to contact a local mechanic for maintenance.


Car entertainment systems can be very enjoyable and useful for driving. They can pre-occupy children on long road trips as the adults drive. They can play music to keep solitary drivers awake as they journey at night. They can even make traffic jams less stressful and monotonous as the driver returns home during rush hour.

Car systems are useful but not without their own problems. There are several issues that may arise in computer screens, software, radio systems or wiring. As a result, entertainment systems may require auto repair in Lewisville, TX.

Common entertainment system errors include glitches in display and sound, intermittent system shutdowns or ineffective software.

Your software may not work because it needs to reconfigured or some features need to be downloaded. The software may also face glitches due to viruses transferred through previously connected mobile devices.

Most hardware glitches, on the other hand, can occur due to faulty wiring, blown fuses or ineffective connectors.

Consequently, you should seek maintenance and auto repair in Lewisville, TX, to determine whether a hardware device needs replacement or repair.


Internet and connectivity are essential needs of today. Cars now come fully equipped with Wi-Fi connection options.

The feature allows drivers to use online maps or information tools to get to their destinations. The internet can be a great option for entertainment and for safe communication.

Common car connectivity issues can occur in the form of a glitch in the internet speed or overall connection. If your internet is not connecting or is faltering, you should seek auto repair in Lewisville, TX.


Fifth Gear Automotive mechanics and engineers are well-trained and can provide computer diagnostics services and auto repair in Lewisville, TX.

Computer diagnostics are often essential for proper automobile functioning. For instance, essential diagnostics are done to ensure that there are no errors in the Engine Control Unit.

The Engine Control Unit is a vital automobile technology that monitors engine components, engine functioning, and fuel systems. The Engine Control Unit regulates efficiency, power usage, and acceleration ability.

The Engine Control Unit needs to be serviced to ensure the engine works effectively. If it does not receive service, firstly the engine may stall or become faulty. Secondly, the check engine light may needlessly turn on. Thirdly, the engine may altogether refuse to start, as well.

Furthermore, the car owner may face issues with fuel measurement and efficiency as well as acceleration issues.  The Engine Control Unit then needs regular maintenance and auto repair in Lewisville, TX.


Cameras are an essential utility and safety tool for the modern car, providing additional user interactivity. Cameras require auto repair in Lewisville, TX at regular intervals.

Dash cams and screens largely define the digitized driving experience of this decade. Car owners are reliant on camera screens to maneuver into their parking space, navigate routes while reversing and observe pedestrian activity near their cars.

Possible glitches in cameras could include the camera not recording any images or recording infrequently. The camera screen could also go blank or display “memory full” messages. In these cases, it is wise to seek auto repair and maintenance options.

Glitches in cameras can then be an inconvenience to car owners as well as a safety hazard. For instance, the driver may not be able to easily observe surrounding pedestrians and could possibly hit a passerby while backing out of a parking spot.

If you are facing problems with your dash cam, you would do well to seek auto repair in Lewisville, TX.


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