Jaguars are an impressive and well-known British car brand, but their luxurious reputation does not exempt them from wear and tear that occurs in any vehicle. As a Jaguar owner, you want your car to look and feel as smooth as it was when you first bought it, which can be difficult if there is an issue with the coolant reservoir in your car.

The coolant reservoir is a straightforward piece of equipment that holds the coolant. Coolant is circulated throughout the engine in order to maintain an optimal temperature so your engine functions as best as it can. Your car can overheat and obtain other damages if the coolant reservoir is not performing its intended purpose and not letting the liquid balance out the engine temperatures.

There are many reasons why the coolant reservoir can malfunction, but the most important thing to remember is that we are here to help at Import Car Center.

Signs Your Coolant Reservoir is Malfunctioning

There are some common signs that indicate when your coolant reservoir has failed or is malfunctioning. As previously mentioned, coolant works to keep your car’s engine from overheating. So, if your engine has been running on the hot side lately, there could be an issue with the coolant.

If the reservoir is damaged and/or cracked, it will leak coolant out. This can happen while you are driving or while your car is parked. Pay attention when you are near your car for a sweet smell. Coolant has a distinct scent that is very distinct from gasoline or engine oil. So use your senses to detect if there is coolant leaking onto the ground. You can probably smell the leaking coolant better when you are in your car driving it, but take a sniff when you step out if you suspect your engine is overheating.

Coolant is purposefully designed with bright colors like red, pink, yellow, blue, green. This way, you can easily visually spot any leakage that is underneath your vehicle. Rainbow patches don’t simply materialize on driveways, so if you see a colorful splotch, it is most likely that the coolant reservoir is malfunctioning.

Reasons For Reservoir Failures

Jaguars are prone to regular wear and tear as any machinery ever built. Natural degradation is one of the most common reasons why coolant reservoirs will break. Plastic degrades and can become brittle when exposed to cold temperatures. Overheating, especially if you live in areas with extreme temperature changes like the desert, can cause the coolant reservoir to crack and break, springing a colorful leak that can cause issues if not addressed immediately.

If you have extra coolant at home, you want to refill your coolant reservoir, even if you suspect there could be a leak. If you run out of coolant entirely, you are putting your car in danger of having its engine overheat, which can cause motor accidents. If you want to top off the reservoir to allow it to get you to a shop, keep the above symptoms in mind, such as rising engine temperature, and pull over for a tow if you can’t make it to our shop.

Import Car Center For Your Jaguar

The best thing to do if you smell coolant, or see it dripping from your car, is to take it to an expert. Our technicians will diagnose Jaguar Coolant Filling the problem and advise you of the findings.

Our mechanics at Import Car Center have years of experience and know exactly how to change out the coolant reservoir in your Jaguar. We guarantee efficiency and the return of your vehicle to like-new condition.

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