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Our everyday life is highly dependent on our vehicles. Hence, it’s important that they’re kept well maintained and in running condition. When visiting an auto repair shop in the Keller, TX area for service or repair you expect the work to be quick, high quality, and at a reasonable price.

In order to make sure that your expectations are met and that you have a good working relationship with your auto repair service, we’ve prepared a short guide for you.


The owner’s manual would help you understand the car’s warning indicators and how to deal with them when they come on. Paying attention to these indicators would prevent the small issues from getting worse.

Besides that, you should keep track of your car’s performance on a regular basis. Mechanical problems tend to get worse over time, so it’s best to deal with them as soon as you notice something unusual.

By getting small and low cost repairs fixed, it can extend your car’s life. It’s a good idea to follow the manufacturer’s recommended service schedule as it’ll keep you from running into serious problems.

When you visit an auto repair center discuss the condition of your car with the mechanic and feel free to ask questions regarding why the service is required.


It’s always better to be prepared beforehand than panicking when you’re stuck in a crisis. That’s why you should choose an automotive repair shop after a bit of research.

These are some of the things you should look for when finalizing.

  • Ensure that they’ve got the licenses and registrations required.
  • They have employed professional and certified technicians.
  • The shop seems clean and organized, and is equipped with the necessary resources.
  • Staff is helpful and courteous.
  • Enquire if their service offers guarantee of their work.
  • Ask if they have prior knowledge and/or experience of your car’s model.

If you feel assured after talking to them, try out their service with a minor maintenance work. If you’re satisfied with the result, you might have found a reliable shop.


When you’re meeting with the service writer, communicate the issue correctly. You know your car the best, so before you take your car to there to repair try to figure out the symptoms.


  • Strange noises, smell, leakages, warning indicators or smoke.
  • Issue with the steering handle or break.
  • Noticeable difference in performance.

Explain the issues that have been coming up in detail to the technician or the service writer. Tell them your observations about when the problems started to occur and how frequently they come up.

The professional might not be able to diagnose the issue on the spot without taking a look at your car. But if you’re confused or unclear, ask them questions regarding why they’ve recommended the service until you’re satisfied.

Make sure that you provide the repair shop with a number where you’re reachable. Also know their contact number and the ideal time to contact them in case you need to.


Every auto repair center needs to be registered and licensed to carry out their services. You’d normally see this sign posted when you visit them, but it’s okay to ask for it if you don’t.


Each auto shop is required by law to give a written estimate before starting any work. This helps to find a service that meets both your requirement and budget. The estimate should always include the entire estimated charges for the parts and labor. Before you sign the paperwork, go through it and make sure that you understand the work the mechanic would do. Once you sign, it means that you agree to pay for the service for the amount that’s specified. Don’t make the mistake of signing a blank work order.


Once the mechanic has diagnosed the problem, the auto service company will contact you to explain the work that needs to be done, and provide you with an estimated rate of the parts and the service. They’ll ask for your permission before proceeding with the work.

It isn’t necessary to give the authorization over the phone, but in case you do, they must make these notations.


When you’re signing the work order with an auto repair in the Keller, TX area, feel free to ask them to return the old parts which were replaced. By law they’re supposed to return the parts, but only if you’ve asked them before the work has begun.


Although auto shops are not bound by law to guarantee their work, its best that you find one that does. The guarantee should consist of the follow:

  • The name and address of the business making the guarantee
  • What the guarantee would do (repair or replace the faulty part, refund money, etc.)
  • What you’re supposed to do to use the guarantee (return the car to the same shop, pay a service charge, etc.)
  • How long does the guarantee lasts
  • What is excluded, if anything
  • If the guarantee is prorated (adjusted for time or mileage)
  • If the guarantee is transferable to the new owner if you sell the vehicle


If you aren’t satisfied with the work, speak to the service manager. It’s best to get the matter resolved with the repair shop directly.  Be aware of your rights, but always stay calm and courteous. Share your concerns and state what would be a fair settlement according to you. Try to negotiate it with the shop, but if you fail to reach to an agreement, inform the manager that you intend to file a complaint against them.


Now that you’re well aware regarding the auto repair process, all you need to do is pick a high-quality and reliable serviceImport Car Center is among the leading auto shops in the Keller, TX area. We offer auto repair services along with maintenance, engine checks, oil changes, transmissions, and breaks service. We specialize in imported and luxury cars with the necessary resources and skills required. You can trust us with your cars so schedule an appointment today.

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