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New and even old Mercedes owners often question whether or not you have to go to a dealer for Mercedes auto repair. When you purchase your car, dealers will usually offer you enticing deals to come back to their lot for servicing. Their hope is that once you come for the free services you will simply continue to come back to their Grapevine, TX lot for additional maintenance. It is a strategy that works on a lot of drivers, but it is beneficial to know that you don’t have to go to a dealer for Mercedes auto repair. You are free to use any independent garage that you want, although you will want to ensure you choose one that specializes in import cars.

While the dealer is often going to make it sound like the smart choice is using the dealer, you need to keep in mind that they usually have something to gain. It suits their purposes to keep you in their dealership as long as they can. If you are back at the dealer every few months for service you are in their shop and available to see new models. A clever salesperson will make sure to stop by while you are in so they can mention upgrade options that are on the lot. There is no reason you have to subject yourself to sales pitches you aren’t interested in.

However, like most import car owners, the idea of straying too far from the dealer can also be intimidating. For many Mercedes drivers, their car is a source of pride and almost more like a pet than just a vehicle. You want only the best servicemen touching your car. The good news is that some of the best own their own import repair shops because they care about their vehicles the same way you do. To help put your mind at ease, here are a few of the most commonly asked questions about Mercedes auto repair at independent shops and their answers.


Some dealers will tell you that your Mercedes takes special oil and should only be serviced at their shop. While it is true that Mercedes do use an uncommon weight, it is not hard to find and any shop that works on import cars will have it on hand. If you make a service appointment for your car you can usually rest assured that your shop will be ready for you so this really isn’t a reason to pay the over-inflated pricing of a dealer.


Another reason that many Mercedes drivers are afraid to choose an independent Mercedes repair shop is they mistakenly believe that they have to go to the dealer for diagnostic tools. Once again, the dealer does have diagnostic equipment that can read the electrical computer inside of the car, but other shops can purchase the same equipment. If this is your concern all you need to do is ask the shop you have in mind whether they have computer diagnostics. Not everyone invests in specialized equipment, but shops that specialize in German vehicles will more than likely be equipped with the right machinery. Manufacturers have no problems licensing diagnostic software to independent shops as well as dealers.


If you hadn’t noticed by now, there is a common theme of dealers attempting to make everything about a Mercedes auto repair seem exclusive, but that simply isn’t the truth. The distribution network for OEM parts is extremely large and stretches across the United States. It is not that hard for any dealer or mechanic to find the part that is necessary for repair. Some dealers even use mechanics to find cheaper wholesale parts.


While some people believe this is true when they start going to the dealer for servicing since their appointments are scheduled in intervals for them, it is absolutely not true. You don’t need to go to the dealer for regular maintenance or for Mercedes auto repair in Grapevine, TX. This is because your owner’s manual has the same schedule written out for you. Can’t find your owner’s manual? No problem, because now you can Google it and easily find your proper maintenance schedule. A little tip, that is exactly what an independent auto shop will do as well. Their goal is to keep your car in good shape so you don’t need emergency Mercedes auto repair, and they do that by scheduling you in for maintenance based on the recommended schedule for your specific make and model.


The truth is there is usually nothing special about the mechanics who work at dealerships. They are trained the same way as mechanics who work anywhere else, they just happened to find a job at a dealer instead of an independent shop. The big difference is that a lot of these dealerships force their mechanics to hit certain sale or repair quotas which actually gives them more incentive to make unnecessary Mercedes auto repairs on your vehicle. Just because they wear a dealer uniform does not automatically make them more reliable or experienced than any other mechanic. The auto repair industry is like any other service industry, you need to shop around and find a mechanic that you can trust.

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