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Are you looking for import car auto repair services that you can rely on in Keller, TX? You should bring your vehicle to the Import Car Center. We have experts who can comfortably repair a variety of cars which include BMWs, Audis, Land Rovers, Volkswagens, and other European vehicles.

With the many car repair centers that you can find, you may have a hard time making your decision. Do not hesitate to always choose us. There are many reasons why we are one of the best. Below are some of them:


At Import Car Center, you will get import car auto repair services that are worth your money. We treasure our partnership with you, and we are determined to provide nothing short of the best. What’s even better is that you can get a variety of services from us. Our experts will take care of your brakes and engines so that you never have to worry about them again. We also provide oil change, transmission, and maintenance services.

When you come to us, you will never have to go to another center in Keller, TX, because you can get everything you need from us. This helps to save you time. Once you have accessed the services, you can head straight back to your job or home without making another stop.

Please note that our services are customizable. We understand that your repair needs might differ from that of another client. We are ready to design yours to fit your individual needs. Customer satisfaction is part of our top priorities.


This is another reason why you should come to us when you need to import car auto repair services. We make sure that every expert in our service team is trained, and the staffs have the necessary certification. We also encourage them to always seek more knowledge about cars. It is the best way to ensure that their services are exceptional at all times.

Moreover, our team has excellent customer relation skills. When you visit us, our customer service team know to professionally address you so that you feel respected and valued. Furthermore, you be advised on the best type of import car auto repair services that you require, and welcome your input in the matter.


Import Car Center doesn’t limit you to a particular import car accessory or product that you may require for your auto. We have a showroom that presents the wheels and tires we have for specific cars. You will also find other import automobile parts. Our experts will take you through all of them. As they do it, our experts will describe the pros and cons of the services so that you know what you are getting yourself into. This will allow you to make the right decision based on facts and not assumptions.

If you have any further questions about our import car auto repair, feel free to ask any member of our service team. With their vast knowledge about import vehicles, they will be in a pretty good position to give you a comprehensible answer.


You can come to us at any time of the day from Monday to Friday. Our availability makes us a reliable car center that you can visit for anything related to import car auto repair. If you are wondering if we provide the services that you need, you can call us before the visit to confirm. This guarantees that you are not wasting your time on us. We will never disappoint you.

You may not always know when your import car requires repair services. Even though, you can look out for some signs. Here is how you can tell that you need import car auto repair:


Once you notice that there is a grinding noise when you step on your brakes, you should look for import car auto repair services. It is an indication that you require to get new brake pads. If you ignore the problem, it can cause your brakes to be less efficient, making it more difficult to slow down or stop your import vehicle.


Not all your car vibrations are normal. When your vehicle shakes a lot, it shows that you have faulty wheel alignment. Take time off your work schedule to bring it to Import Car Center so that one of our professional mechanics can check it out. If you don’t do it as soon as possible, it can give birth to other car complications, which will cost you more money.


It might be hard to notice when your fuel is leaking, but you might smell it. When you do, examine your car immediately. If you confirm that your vehicle is leaking fluids, seek import car auto repair services. Import Car Center has qualified professionals in Keller, TX, who will fix the problem for you.


It is normal for your vehicle to produce emissions, but when their smell is pungent and egg-like, it could mean that your catalytic converter is clogged. Then, you should seek repair services to have it unclogged or cleaned. If your import vehicle emits black smoke, it signifies that your sensor is defective. A blue exhaust smoke indicates your motor may have an oil leak. When not taken care of, it can destroy your engine.

Import Car Center delivers exceptional repair services to all residents of Keller, TX. One of our responsibilities is to see to it that you are satisfied. We come with various types of accessories and import car parts.

Our professional mechanics have undergone training, and they know a lot about different import vehicles. Once you tell them your problem, they will give the practical options that you have and wait for you to make your decision. How do you know you need our services? When your car leaks fuel, it starts shaking excessively, and your brakes are super noisy. You should also pay us a visit when your import car’s exhaust fumes are out of the usual.

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