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You’ll never appreciate the importance of your vehicle until the day it develops a problem. A vehicle takes longer to develop problems, but when a problem sets in, it can cost you a lot to fix it. The good news is that a vehicle will show you some signs whenever it needs your attention.

You may notice some weird sounds while braking or some vibrations when you step on the accelerator. Some of these signs may appear minor for you, but when you don’t take immediate action, they may develop to unbearable proportions. Repairing a vehicle when it has broken down can be costly. You should have your vehicle serviced regularly by a professional to maintain it’s good condition and to minimize costly auto repair service.

Here are some signs that will show you that your vehicle needs repair.


The check engine light can flash/blink continuously, or it can remain lit steadily. All these conditions indicate that your vehicle needs to be checked by a certified professional. A case of blinking or flashing is more serious.

It is advisable to take immediate action because it can be caused by a misfired engine. This case usually happens when unburned fuel finds its way to the exhaust system. The unburned fuel can seriously damage your catalytic converter, which will lead to an expensive auto repair service.

Remember that this is just one of the possible problems your vehicle may be having. There are many other situations that only a qualified mechanic can diagnose and fix. When the light is steady, the vehicle may not need immediate attention, but you need not wait for long. The sooner you have it checked, the better.

Leaving it for long can affect the exhaust functions and the performance of your ride. So, you need to seek repair services the sooner you notice the lights are behaving abnormally.


Just like you respond fast when someone knocks at your door, you also need to act fast when your vehicle experiences a knock. A knocking sound is a clear sign that you need auto repair service. In this case, you need not waste time because you may end up having a serious breakdown.

In fact, the knocking sound may be the last warning you’ll receive before the engine dies. So, the best thing to do when you hear that sound is to park your car and turn the engine off. The next thing? Call a mechanic to come and attend to the car where it is or to pull it to the garage. Driving a vehicle after hearing the knocking sound will add more strain to the engine, and this may lead to worse damage.


Apart from the knocking sound, a vehicle may produce other weird sounds. If you’ve been driving your car for some months or years, you should be able to tell which sounds are normal, and which ones are unusual. Such sounds are obvious signs that you need to take your car to a mechanic for auto repair.

For example, squealing or grinding sounds may mean that your brake pads are worn out and need replacement. Remember that your life depends on the brake pads, so the moment you notice any issues with them, act immediately.

A droning or dragging sound may indicate that your wheel bearings have developed problems. It may also mean that there’s something constantly rubbing against the brake rotors, which should not be the case. So, when you hear any funny noise from your car, drive it slowly to the mechanic. You can as well call a mechanic if you feel driving it may endanger your life.


Smoke is another way your vehicle communicates with you. Smoke coming from the exhaust pipe may show there’s a problem with your exhaust system. But when the smoke is from under the hood, it may be an indication that the engine is overheating. This may mean that the coolant gauge has run dry.

Pay attention to the color of the smoke because different smoke colors indicate specific problems with your engine. You may not differentiate them, but a qualified mechanic will be able to. Whenever you notice smoke coming from your vehicle, seek for auto repair services as soon as you can.

Other things you need to be on the lookout for include:

  • Sudden or recurring transmission issue
  • Leaks
  • Crunching gears
  • Pulling or vibrating under braking
  • Reduced comfort while driving

Whatever the case, don’t try to deal with the problem on your own, call a qualified mechanic to fix your problems.


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