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It’s a Saturday morning and the summer season has just started getting a little too hot. It’s your convocation and you are finally graduating from college. You have been waiting for this day for four years and now it’s finally here. After your parents finally enter the car, you leave for the university. Ten minutes into the journey and the car suddenly starts to decelerate. And after a few minutes, it just stops.

This is very bad news as you will not be able to reach the convocation in time. Such an important event is going to be missed just because your car requires an auto repair in Southlake, TX. You regret not taking the car for an auto repair in Southlake, TX earlier, especially when you had noticed some signs that the engine might need to be checked out by a mechanic.

Most people are lazy when it comes to taking their car for an inspection. Mostly this is a habitual thing where people only seek help after the worst has happened. Instead of making sure that their cars prevent a breakdown, most people only take action only when the car stops working.

To avoid such a dire situation, you should be aware of some signs that indicate that it is time to take your car for an auto repair in Southlake, TX. Some of these signs have been discussed below.


If you put the key in your vehicle, turn it and hear nothing (or a clicking sound), you may have an issue with your starter. On the off chance that this occurs, attempt to turn on your vehicle’s inside lights or headlights, as it could be an issue with your battery.

On the off chance that your lights turn on, you realize your battery is fit as a fiddle, and it’s possible that there is an issue with the starter. As soon as you realize this, make sure to take your car for an auto repair in Southlake, TX so that you do not face problems with the starter now and in the future.


If you sense a creeping smell from your car then maybe it’s time to take your car for an auto repair in Southlake, TX before the issue escalates into something serious. There are some smells that you should particularly be alert to. One of them is the smell similar to maple syrup as this could point to an issue with the cooling system.

Another smell that should be a warning sign is similar to the odor of dirty laundry. This is a sign that there is some sort of mold growth in the air conditioning or heating vents. And lastly, a burning smell coming from your car could indicate that the clutch has been worn out and should be replaced immediately.


Watch out for your tires as they could provide a good indication of when you should opt for an auto repair in Southlake, TX. Tires are one of the main reasons that cars have breakdowns and this includes all types of cars and not just trucks.

These problems range from flat tires that cause the rims to pop off to tires that are overinflated and explode whenever they experience too much heat.


If your car has manual transmission then it could experience some issues with your clutch during driving. When this happens, it will hinder you as you try to shift between gears.

This might also cause your car to breakdown eventually and you might even need an expensive tow to the certified mechanic for an auto repair in Southlake, TX. So make sure that you go for an auto repair in Southlake, TX before you suffer from this situation.


When the liquid or gas that is used to reduce the temperature of the engine is now circulating properly then this can cause the car engine to overheat. The coolant works to cool the engine in the hot months.

But that’s not all that the coolant does; it also works to regulate the car engine’s temperature in the cold months. So it also prevents the engine from freezing in the winter season. This is why it is an important liquid for the engine and if the circulation is not smooth then the engine is sure to face problems.

It is important to monitor your engine constantly so that you identify the problem before it actually occurs otherwise you will have to opt for an auto repair in Southlake, TX. If your engine does start to overheat, pour some liquid into the coolant tank to temporarily cool it down until you take it for an auto repair in Southlake, TX.


Don’t wait until your car breaks down before you decide to call for help. More importantly, don’t try to fiddle with the car engine yourself if you don’t know how to deal with it. Take the right decision and contact Import Car Center without any hesitation today.

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