Volvo has been producing four-wheel drive and all-wheel drive vehicles for many years. Both enable the vehicle to maneuver safely through tough terrain like dirt, snow, and gravel. Volvos are increasingly being picked as the best car to drive in locations where all-wheel drive is required due to its capability to handle all terrain, both in the city and off road.

The transfer case in a Volvo is an important vehicle component that serves to transfer the output from the transmission to the front and rear differentials. The transfer case is also responsible for functioning correctly when engaging four-wheel drive. It allows the driver to transfer power between all four wheels, which gives this specific make of car better traction in slippery conditions.

In terms of potential damage or maintenance issues with transfer cases, it’s best practice to take your Volvo in for regular inspections and maintenance as soon as signs of trouble occur.

More Details about the Transfer Case

This is the main component that sends power from your engine to all four wheels via the axles. Depending on the type of Volvo you own, there are 3 to 4 driving modes, and every one of these modes has its own set of parameters or transfer cases.

Your Volvo has AWD available with part-time FWD, which enables you to switch from a 2-wheel drive to a 4-wheel drive whenever you want. This is advantageous for individuals who travel mostly on paved roads and hardly ever encounter adverse weather conditions.

The third and most recent mode is the Active AWD. This is said to have the most complex transfer case system as the vehicle selects when to transition into AWD mode automatically. Entering AWD mode is usually very brief and is also determined by the sort of terrain that you are traveling on at that particular time.

Symptoms of a Failed Transfer Case

There are a few methods to identify whether your Volvo is suffering from a transfer case failure. These include:

  • Grinding Noises: The transfer case, just like most other elements in your Volvo, requires fluid or lubricants in order to function properly. The lubricants will ensure that the transfer case operates as efficiently as possible. When there is a shortage of fluids moving through to the transfer case, there will be grinding noises as it attempts to operate. If your Volvo begins to make metal-on-metal grinding noises, you will need to have your car checked by a professional, as this can be a result of a failed transfer case.
  • Randomly Switching between Four-Wheel Drive and Two-Wheel Drive: Usually, your Volvo moves into FWD automatically, or you select when it does. However, a failed transfer case can cause your Volvo to misinterpret the FWD signal. The vehicle will move in and go out of FWD mode at will. This might be caused by a shortage of fluids inside the transfer case. Such absence of fluids might be the result of a leak, which must be repaired as soon as possible. This issue might also be caused by broken components in the transfer case.

Import Car Center Will Fix Any Transfer Case Issues In Your Volvo

If you detect any of these symptoms of transfer case failure when driving your car, bring it to Import Car Center so that we can help you address the issue. Our professionals are trained to handle the most challenging problems, so you can be confident that we will repair your malfunctioning transfer case.

Our mechanic will troubleshoot the transfer case in a Volvo to determine the needed repairs. They will typically remove the transfer case, inspect it for any worn components, replace any damaged parts, then reassemble and reinstall it. Additionally, our mechanic may use specific tools to diagnose any other issues with the transfer case such as an electrical diagnostic system. After fixing the transfer case, our mechanic may take it for a test drive to ensure that everything is running smoothly before delivering your Volvo back to you.

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* Silver Volvo XC60 Car image credit goes to: YuriyVlasenko.

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