A check engine light is among the most common of complaints, car owners can have. The situation is not any easier for owner’s due to modern vehicles featuring more computer controlled and/or monitored systems than ever before. The advantage is your car is self-testing these systems every time you start your vehicle. In addition, while you are operating your car, it is consistently checking these systems, and when a problem is detected, the check engine light or other warning light may come on and stay on. This means the problem has occurred more than once. Often it involves the emission system and is not an emergency requiring your immediate attention but should be checked as soon as possible. On the other hand, a flashing check engine light is one requiring immediate attention. It typically indicates damage is occurring to the engine. Import Car Center can provide the european car auto service & repair in Southlake, TX you require. Other warning lights you may encounter include the following.

ABS and Brake Warning

The ABS warning light indicates a problem with the anti-lock braking system (ABS). When the ABS system triggers a warning it often indicates a failure of the anti-lock braking system. You can still have brakes when this warning is triggered. However, if the ABS warning light is triggered along with the brake warning light, a dangerous condition may be present. Allow the vehicle to slow down, pull off the road in a safe area as soon as possible and do not brake suddenly. Never drive a vehicle with a brake warning. Import Car Center can provide the professional diagnostic and European car auto repair in Southlake, TX that you require.

Battery Warning

The charging system consists of the battery, alternator, and a belt that turns the alternator. The battery warning light alerts you to a problem with the charging system. A loose belt, or battery terminal can result in the failure of the alternator to charge the battery. Most modern vehicles use a single serpentine belt to drive not only the alternator, but also the water pump and power steering. Common causes of a battery warning light include a problem with the belt, corroded or loose battery terminals, or a bad battery or alternator. If the battery warning light illuminates, schedule a European car auto repair in Southlake, TX.

Oil Change Reminder

This indicator reminds you when it is time to change the oil. Resetting the reminder is required.

If you are changing the oil yourself, the procedure for resetting should be listed in the owner’s manual. Import Car Center can provide the automotive services you need. Contact us today to schedule maintenance or European car auto repair in Southlake, TX

Oil Pressure Warning

Low oil, an oil leak, bad sensor, faulty oil pump, or other problems can trigger the oil pressure warning light. If the engine is low on oil, or oil is not being pumped to the engine, irreversible damage may occur. The correct type and amount of oil is also essential for maintaining your car’s engine. Furthermore, overfilling your vehicle with oil can be as damaging to the engine as a low oil level. When the oil light stays on, check the oil level. Contact Import Car Center to schedule a European car auto repair in Southlake, TX.  

Temperature Warning Light

The temperature warning light is another warning you should never ignore. It indicates the engine is overheating and damage can occur. A leaking radiator, water pump or hose can result in a low coolant level and overheating. Other causes may be a faulty water pump not circulating the coolant, a stuck thermostat or even a clogged radiator. The hot coolant can result in serious injury, so never open a radiator cap when the engine is hot. Do not continue to drive an overheated vehicle, call for a tow to Import Car Center for European car auto repair in Southlake, TX.

Service Vehicle Soon

This warning usually indicates an electrical problem and for some vehicles a traction control issue. It may also warn of a problem in communication between modules, depending on the manufacturer. Our ASE certified mechanics can provide you with a timely diagnosis and reliable European car auto repair in Southlake, TX.

Tire Pressure Warning

The tire pressure warning light illuminates when tire pressure is low. You should pull over as soon as is safely possible and inspect the tires. While the outdoor temperature can cause tire pressure to fall or rise, it shouldn’t trigger a tire pressure warning when the tires are properly aired.

Improper tire pressure can reduce fuel economy and cause unnecessary wear on the tires.  Provide routine checks on the tire air pressure every week or two. In many of today’s vehicles, it is as simple as pushing a button from the driver’s seat. Do not continue to drive on a flat tire, as damage can result to both the wheel and tire. Call for roadside assistance or change the tire. When your low tire’s pressure gauge continues to issue a warning, and the tire appears normal, check it with a tire gauge. Low pressure sensors can fail and should be replaced. We can provide the European Car Auto Repair in Southlake, TX you require.

It is normal for dash lights to light up when you start your car. Any light that remains on or continues to flash indicates a problem. For information regarding instrument panel warning lights, check the owner’s manual, or schedule European car auto repair in Southlake, TX Import Car Center offers the latest state-of-the-art equipment and tools, and our ASE certified mechanics maintain up-to-date training on the most recent information, and problems that can affect your European, luxury, domestic or Import automobile. Visit Import Car Center for professional automotive services you can rely on.

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