BMWs were one of the first brands of cars to introduce an electric water pump. An electric water pump allows the manufacturer to cool or regulate the temperature through the engine to all the required parts in the powertrain.

Every part inside a vehicle is important, as well as the water pump. The water pump helps in the smooth running of your car and without it, your vehicle won’t function normally. If the water pump fails, the engine produces excess heat, which sometimes leads to irrevocable damage. A failing water pump can leak and if your water pump fails you can replace it with high-quality equipment. It is possible to drive your car without a water pump but it is not advisable.

Symptoms of a Bad or Failing Water Pump

Noise coming from your car’s engine could be a sign that your water pump is bad. A bad water pump can cause leakage of coolant, overheating, corrosion in water pumps, or whining noise. If the impeller shaft (which is used to increase the coolant) fails, it is a sign that the water pump is damaged.

  • Leakage of coolant at the front-center of your car: The leakage of coolant appears to be green or red in color sometimes. This occurs when the multiple gaskets and seals ensure that the constant flow of coolant is passed from the radiator of the car to the engine. More often, the leakage can be fixed.
  • Overheating: An overheated engine will likely produce moisture or dampness when the water pump is bad. If the hoses are disconnected, it affects the engine thereby leading to overheating. Overheating can be caused by several things such as a bad hose or bad radiator which leads to water pump failure in your BMW.

Reasons why your water pump may fail

Worn bearings are common reasons for failure in water pumps, water pumps move coolants and they wear out over time. If a water pump fails sooner and is replaced without investigating the cause, the new pump is likely to get bad within a short period. Most water pump cases are due to errors during the installation process.

  • Bad seal: A bad hose or radiator may leak coolant. A bad installation that fails to seal the water pump can cause failure at the early stage. Bad seals lead to oil leakage, it is risky to ride your car when there is oil leakage.
  • Loose drive pulley: The pulley is held in position by a mounting bracket that leads to or is connected to the engine. Pulley ages due to time progress, creating wear on each part. A sound that comes from the front of the motor is caused by a loose belt.
  • The loose belt is caused by a loose pulley or when the water pump assembly is wearing out. If the pulley is obviously damaged, breaking, or seizing, it shows that it needs replacement. Lastly, the broken pulley can cause a torn belt which could lead to the belt completely falling off the engine which affects the water pump of your vehicle and will most likely reduce belt life.
  • Damaged belt: There are different symptoms of a bad belt such as noise from the engine, oil leakage, the vehicle’s engine won’t turn over, also, your revs start acting up. The damaged belt can be caused by excessive vibration of your drive or due to a weak drive. The problem can be stopped by reinforcing the structure of the drive.

Expert’s Recommendation

It is possible to drive your car without a water pump, but it is not recommended. Generally, the water pump fails due to insufficient maintenance. The BMW Water Pump Replacement location of the water pump varies by application in relation to the engine. Your water pump can be replaced by you according to your past experience.

If the engine of your vehicle is complex, it would be difficult to replace the pump. In your BMW, the pump is located in the front of your engine, and it is easy to locate. While you replace your water pump you have to replace your accessory drive belt.

Due to the complex nature of BMW, it is advisable to use a professional in fixing your engine issues. At Import Car Center, we specialize in import auto services and repairs for the entire Colleyville, Keller, Southlake, Westlake, Grapevine, TX, and its surroundings.

Our certified mechanics are trained to offer the best services to your BMW, as we use high-quality types of equipment to keep your car in the best working condition. We inspect the failed water pump before replacing it, to ensure your vehicle’s water pump has a longer life. Give us a call today on 817-481-5665 to schedule an appointment.

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