Driving a worn-out car is dangerous. You may feel close to your old car and want it to remain in its original, classic-like condition. But if it does not suffice the safety criteria, it can get you into trouble with the local authorities. They can slap you with a hefty fine if your car’s condition affects the vehicle safety. While there are some faults that you can notice about your vehicles right away, some aren’t as obvious.

Your vehicle can have shortcomings that can influence the safety of yourself, passengers, other drivers, and the public. So, it is important to make sure that your vehicle is timely inspected to detect if there is need of repair. Here are some problems to look out for in your worn-out vehicle. They indicate that you need to definitely consider taking your vehicle for auto repair in Grapevine, TX or else they can put the public’s health and safety at risk, and also land you in big trouble with the law enforcing authorities.


If your vehicle has a cracked windshield, you have to get it repaired at the earliest if you don’t want a ticket. Windshields are visible even from afar. You cannot expect to drive your vehicle away without getting it noticed by the roadside authorities.

Cracked windshields can obscure the driver’s view of the roadway and lead towards accidents. You have a high probability of getting stopped by the law enforcement officers. The law, however, varies from state to state.

In Texas, there are no provisions for cracks in the windshield but you will have to go through mandatory inspection requirements. But, if you are planning to drive outside Texas, it is better that you consult professionals of auto repair in Grapevine, TX to fix the windshield. This will keep you from getting stopped and penalized ahead.


Turn lights are integral for safe driving. Having broken or malfunctioning turn lights can expose your and others’ safety at risk. The Texas transportation code requires you to have efficiently functioning turn signals and, when planning to make a turn, you have to signal continuously from no less than 100 feet away from the intended turning.

Also, both the signals need to be turned on when giving the indicator of “do pass” for another vehicle coming from the rear. So, if you have a broken signal, you need to approach the professional service for auto repair in Grapevine, TX right away and get it fixed. Otherwise, you are definitely going to get stopped by the law enforcing officer anytime.


Smoke coming from the tailpipe is a common occurrence in cars, but black smoke can indicate a substantial problem. This means that there is some fault in your fuel enrichment system. Getting your inspected by a professional of auto repair in Grapevine, TX can inform you if your car has a blocked air filter or there is a problem in the carburetor.

If there is blue smoke releasing from your car, it means there is more severe damage, incurred probably in the cylinder or the piston ring. If there is a broken head gasket, you will encounter white smoke coming out from your vehicle. All three types of smoke require you to consider auto repair in Grapevine, TXThese smokes can contribute extensively to the air pollution and detrimentally affect the health of people living in the neighborhood.


Engine problems are difficult to detect as you cannot identify them per se. So, what you can do is to look out for certain symptoms that indicate engine troubles. For instance, steam coming out from the hood is an indicator that your engine is struggling with overheating problems. Ignoring it or adding some coolant may let you get away with the problem temporarily, but it only increases the burden on the engine.

If you do not consult auto repair in Grapevine, TX for this problem, your engine can incur substantial damage. Especially in your worn-out vehicle, you have to be more watchful of your engine to ensure that the engine is optimally running.

The second indicator directing towards engine problem is dripping fluids. Look out for puddles under the car when it is parked. Dark brown or black fluids are of motor oil. It means your vehicle’s engine is malfunctioning. If you see pink or red fluids coming from your car, you need to head straight for auto repair in Grapevine, TX.


This is an essential problem to address right away if you don’t want to put yourself or anyone else’s life and safety at risk. There are several signs indicating brake problems. If you experience any of them, get your car inspected right away to treat the problem.

If you hear any abnormal sounds coming out of your car like screeching, grinding, rubbing or squealing, it could be due to worn out brake pads and shoes. Getting your car tuned up by a professional team of auto repair in Grapevine, TX can help you address the issue before it causes any further damage to the car or you.

If you feel the vibration in the pedal or the steering wheel, it is another symptom telling you something is wrong with the brake system. If you detect a burning-like smell near your tires, you need to seek auto repair in Grapevine, TXright away. Failing to get brake problems fixed on time will put the driver, car passengers and others on a huge safety risk.

While driving a worn-out car, you have to be highly observant of the visible as well as the inside problems that are existing in your car. Not taking adequate measures to tune up your car can cause you safety and legal problems.

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