The Jaguar emblem and the sleekness of each model bring to mind performance and quality in this grand European brand. Your Jaguar requires regular transmission servicing to keep it performing as designed. In this article, we will discuss how to tell it is time for your Jaguar transmission service.

Purpose of Transmission Service

Transmissions are key to a car’s performance, especially in a vehicle such as the Jaguar. Your transmission provides the low-end torque for taking off from a stop and must shift quickly and smoothly through each gear to give you the best efficiency and performance of the engine.

The Jaguar’s transmission is built to perform incredibly well and as such, requires technologically advanced components. One of the needs of any highly advanced transmission is that it requires regularly scheduled maintenance.

Signs it’s Time to Service Your Jaguar’s Transmission

There are several indications that your transmission needs to be serviced. Let’s look at some of them below:

  • Noisy transmission: While your engine is running or you are driving, you may hear a whining noise coming from your transmission. This can be due to low fluid levels, a bad filter, problems with the transmission lines, or other issues that need to be addressed.
  • Shaking or jolting when shifting gears: As you increase speed and the RPMs of your Jaguar increase, the transmission shifts to the proper gears needed for your car to perform appropriately. If you are feeling the gear shifts inside the car as shaking or a sharp jolt, it is time to have your transmission serviced.
  • Overheating: If your Jaguar is overheating, it could mean you are having issues with the transmission. Problems with transmissions are not the only reason for overheating, but service is needed immediately if your Jaguar begins to run hot.
  • Not shifting gears: You may find your Jaguar stuck in a gear. If this happens, there is something wrong with the transmission. Have the car towed to a certified technician as soon as possible to diagnose the problem.
  • The service light is on: Almost always, your Jaguar’s service light will indicate when something is wrong with your car’s transmission. If your service indicator light illuminates, do not continue to operate your vehicle. The problem will not go away and only continue to worsen. More than that, you could cause damage to the transmission that will cost you much more if you continue to operate.

Regular Scheduled Maintenance

The best way to prevent damage to your Jaguar and save you money is to bring in your car for its regular scheduled servicing. Many people make the mistake of thinking they will save money by skipping inspections and servicing their car. They usually find this mistake results in expensive repairs later.

Scheduled maintenance is designed to prevent catastrophic damage to your car’s components. By ignoring regular servicing and waiting for a symptom to show, your car may already have been damaged. If issues are caught during servicing, many times minor repairs can take place to correct the problem.

Know When Your Jaguar Needs Regular Servicing

The owner’s manual that comes with your Jaguar will explain when regular servicing is due for your transmission. Even better, listen to a certified technician who has experience with the Jaguar brand. Depending on how you operate your car and how many miles you have accumulated can play a factor in how often you should have the transmission serviced. Find an expert you trust and have them set a schedule to bring your jaguar in for servicing.

Import Car Center for Your Jaguar’s Transmission Service

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