As the temperature drops during the winter season, the components of your vehicle will be affected. To ensure that every component of your Audi in general functions properly in this season, you need to prepare ahead of this season.

The preparation involves general maintenance of the entire vehicle. As part of the maintenance, you need to check and replace some of the fluids in the car. This is to prevent these fluids from freezing due to the cold weather.

Types of Fluids to Replace in Your Audi


Antifreeze is a fluid that flows through the radiator. It serves the car all year round. It cools and regulates the temperature of the engine. It also maintains the normal temperature of the water in the radiator during the winter, keeping it from freezing. This singular function ensures that the cooling system in your car functions well even when the temperature is extremely low.

It is important to change the antifreeze in your car because as it gets old it loses the ability to draw heat from the engine and also to prevent the cooling system of your car from being corroded and damaged. As your car mileage crosses 30,000 miles, it is recommended that you change the antifreeze.

Wiper Fluid

During the winter months, mist, fog, and falling snow may cause poor visibility when driving. The wiper fluid cleans your windshield and in the process improves your visibility. Frequent use of the wiper fluid would lead to a drop in the level and it’s important to fill up the wiper fluid reservoir in your vehicle. It’s important to use a wiper fluid that does not freeze as the temperature drops in winter.

Brake Fluid

In the winter, the road becomes wet and icy. For you to drive safely on the road, you need your brakes to be in the best working condition. During this time, you need to check your brake pads, rotors, and brake fluid. It is recommended you change your brake fluid as it may become dirty over time. This would lower the engaging ability of the brakes.

As the brake fluid gets old, it may not work as efficiently as it should when there is a drop in temperature and your car would find it difficult to stop as it should. This can be hazardous because of the state of the road during the winter.

Engine Oil

It’s important to check the engine oil of your vehicle regularly, especially during winter. If the temperature drops below freezing temperature, the engine oil gets cold and congeals. This would prevent your engine from starting. Not only that, it puts tension on the gaskets, seals, and O-rings. If the stress on these components causes it to break, it would cause damage to the whole engine block and cost you a lot to repair. It is recommended that you use a thinner or synthetic oil during winter. These types of oil do not freeze during winter.

Automatic Transmission Fluid

The cold weather of the winter causes the transmission fluid to become thick and this creates difficulties in changing gears. Also, the thick fluid makes the lubrication of the moving parts of your engine more difficult. It is important to use the right transmission fluid, preferably synthetic fluid during this time; however, ensure it is compatible with your car model.  Regular checks of the transmission fluid level would go a long way.

Bring Your Car to Import Car Center for Maintenance

It is important that Audi Engine Oil Replacement you take your car for a full check-up and maintenance service. This would keep your car in top condition to operate during the winter season. At the Import Car Center, we are known for providing the best maintenance service in Grapevine.

We have experience in providing the maintenance programs specified for every European vehicle. Our certified mechanics are experts in employing the latest factory-grade tools and equipment to properly maintain your car in-house.

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