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When driving your BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Land Rover, or Jaguar or any other top-of-the-range car, you expect a smooth and dynamic ride. But without regular maintenance, your luxurious car may no longer feel classy. Caring for your car is essential to ensuring that it runs smoothly and lasts longer.

If you have a deluxe model, then some of the maintenance tips you can use include getting an oil change, taking care of the battery, checking the coolant level and replacing the tires before wearing out. Even better, have you tried listening to your car? The sound your vehicle produces resonates with its current condition. For example, squealing noises and rough spots in the sound of the engine is a sign that your engine needs to be seen by a Luxury car auto repair expert!

Import Car center is a leading import specialist for European Luxurious vehicles such as Mercedes, Land Rover, Porsche, Volkswagen, Volvo, Audi and many more. We are also luxury auto repairs experts based in Southlake, TX serving the entire region. Our mechanics are experienced and can handle every problem and unusual situation that your car is in.

We understand how your car is basic need and every moment that passes without your deluxe model is like getting short of breath. That is why we do Luxury car auto repair as quickly as possible. We are always clear on the time frame it will take to complete a session and deliver your car within the set deadline. Sometimes we give you other options such as renting on of our luxury cars while we take care of yours.

Our pricing is also fair and that is one of core reasons why we are the most preferred luxury auto repairs experts. If you need to get Luxury car auto repair services, give us a call or make a visit to our shop!


Are you having problems with your deluxe model? Then come to our shop at Southlake, TX. We perform all types of Luxury car auto repair because we have all the machinery, the expertise and the experience needed to do so. Even with the normal maintenance procedures, we can handle your elite sedan to your satisfaction. Our services include:


Without a properly functioning engine, your car in going nowhere fast and this why it is important to know how it works and how to maintain it. You need to know some of the signs of an engine starting to fail in order to see a luxury auto repair expert as soon as possible.

Poor mileage is a sign that your engine needs repair. If your engine is burning fuel at a high rate, then it could be due to overheating or another issue.

Shaking and noises are a clear sign that your engine needs to be seen by a luxury auto repair expert. If your car was running smoothly and then all over sudden you start hearing sounds from beneath the hood, then your engine may be going out soon.

Stalling is another ugly sign that your engine should be looked at by the luxury auto repair expert. Stalling is worse if the car is automatic. If you are experiencing such a situation, then you need to book an appointment with the Import Car Center for a through diagnosis of what the problem could be.

If you are having trouble starting your car, then you should visit a luxury car auto repair expert. It is a clear sign that something is actually amiss with the engine. Our center has a Comprehensive Diagnosis machine that will instantly detect the problems. We will then repair the engine within the shortest time possible and put your luxury car back on the road.


Most people assume that electrical system of a car refers to the electrical parts of the car such as power locks, windows, vehicle lighting among others. Computers are used in modern Luxury car auto repair as integral parts of power transmission, anti-lock brakes and other systems. All these systems have electronic components and we can solve any problems that you encounter with these electrical systems.

Every time you bring your car for regular maintenance, we will check the lighting as well as the dashboard control system as part of our inspection services. We have your best interests at heart.

Whether it’s the battery, the alternator or the ignition system, we have all the necessary equipment and expertise to repair them. During the check engine diagnostic session, we’ll detect all the electrical system problems affecting your luxury sedan.

Visit our center today at Southlake, TX to get the best electrical system check for your luxury car!


Do you know that your car’s heating system is responsible for cooling your car’s engine during hot days? The A/C also plays a vital role during the colder months. Ignoring their performance issues may lead to expensive repairs in the near future.

Regular maintenance keeps your heating system in a good working order. Competent luxury car auto repair experts like us will check the hoses and belts and ensure that the antifreeze is clean and filled to proper levels. Regular maintenance also reduces the risk of compressor failure too.

Maintaining your heating and air conditioning system also helps to keep you healthy. The cabin filters harbors dusts, bacteria and other harmful substances and we may replace them if the need arises.

Other services that we offer include advanced level specialist, manual drive train and axles, engine performance, advanced fuel delivery systems, and service consulting. Oil change is also a pivotal function in our establishment.


To maintain a luxury sedan in good condition, you need to seek the services a luxury car auto repair expert. We at Import car center provide a wide range of automobile services ranging from oil change, to transmission, brakes check and engine repair among many others.

If you want your deluxe model checked by a luxury car auto repair expert, then you can visit us at Southlake, TX. We are friendly and time conscious! Call us today for consultation too!

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