Having a faulty suspension in a luxury vehicle like a Jaguar is a disappointing event. The suspension system is designed to keep your Jaguar suspended properly on the frame and also absorb the movement felt from bumps, depressions, and potholes on the road. This delivers comfort in the cabin and gives owners a smooth and controlled overall driving experience.

Your Jaguar uses a Self-Leveling Suspension (SLS) system that automatically adjusts the height of the vehicle depending on the weight of the load it is carrying. Air suspensions are found in some of the most high-end luxury vehicles on the market today, including Jaguars.

The suspension and the steering work together for the delivery of a smooth ride and also increase the stability and control during a ride over irregular conditions. The suspension system is composed of ball joints, tie rod ends, shocks and struts which work together to provide a comfortable ride.

Warning Signs of Suspension Problems

For so many years, Jaguar has upheld its position as a leader in suspension sophistication. It all began with the launch of the E-Type in 1961. Most cars were using live axles at that time. Its first production application was in the E-Type. In preceding years, the excellent road-holding and smooth ride offered by the IRS assembly has been significant in making XJ’s what they are today. As it is the norm, wear and tear take a toll on every vehicle as it continues to be used.

The wear and tear problems result in poor steering, precision, unbalanced braking and degraded handling. If your Jaguar has a failed suspension, it will affect your smooth ride in the following ways.

Bad Struts

As part of the suspension system, struts play an integral role in the achievement of the overall aim of the suspension system. When they fail, the following occurs:

  • Bumpy Ride: Defective or broken struts will make your ride very bumpy. Any depression you hit, be it small or big, will make you very uncomfortable in the cabin.
  • Clunking Noises When Hitting a Bump: Your Jaguar will make knocking noises each time that you hit a speed bump or go over a pothole.
  • Wear: Several parts that make up the struts wear out over time. Noises produced from the wheels are a sign that your struts are coming of age.
  • Hovering Front End: Your Jaguar will float or hover and veer to one side of the road. When holding the steering wheel in position, your car will feel like it just takes off on its own to the left or right and doesn’t seem to correspond to the steering wheel moving. It’s considerably worse on a rougher road.
  • Irregular Tire Wear: You will notice tread wearing unevenly on your tires because the suspension isn’t holding the car evenly. Uneven impact on your car translates to uneven tracks on your tires. This could be broken struts.

Bad Shocks

  • Noticeable Vibrations While Driving: Vibrations are annoying and are a signal that your shocks are failing. You may experience vibration and shaking as you drive along. Worn components, such as ball joints and control arm bushings, could also be failing.
  • Erratic Braking: You may experience swerving while braking and turning when your shocks are failing. Normally, there is a problem with air in the suspension shocks. If the air is unregulated, then it will swerve on one side while braking or turning. This can be very dangerous to you and other road users.
  • Irregular Tire Wear: Your Jaguar will slip and slide over the road when you have failed suspension shocks. This is because of the uneven treads on your tires. This happens because the tires are not even touching the ground.

Import Car Center for Your Jaguar

Your Jaguar is a refined vehicle that’s as equally suited for vigorous performance as it is for daily practicality. A faulty suspension will Jaguar Suspension Repair deny you an opportunity to enjoy a nice, comfortable ride.

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