Grapevine experiences very cold weather during winter. During this period, car owners have to deal with the havoc wrecked on their vehicle components by the freezing conditions. Our winter weather is generally characterized by freezing rain, sleet, and snow.

This type of weather can alter the performance level of your Volvo. Let’s dive deeper into the effects the current cold weather has on your car.

How Cold Affects Your Volvo’s Performance

  • Transmission Problems: Your Volvo can develop transmission problems at any time of the year, but it becomes more intense during cold seasons. Different components making up the transmission system contract when exposed to cold, which will accelerate the system’s wear and tear. The transmission system requires a certain temperature level to operate properly, and cold weather means it takes longer for the vehicle to reach this point.
  • Deflated Tires: The air in your tires will contract and reduce pressure during cold seasons. This leaves your tires underinflated and can make driving difficult. Regular tires also become hardened when exposed to cold. This hardening makes the control of the vehicle difficult and can ultimately cause tire failure.
  • Fuel Economy: Cold weather increases the duration it takes for your Volvo to reach its optimal fuel efficiency temperature. This increases fuel consumption by the vehicle in the winter months, and this fuel consumption is even further increased when traveling short distances.
  • Battery Failures: Batteries receive the hardest knocks during extremely cold seasons. The cold affects the chemical process of your Volvo’s battery and slows down its ability to charge. The likelihood of your battery developing problems during the cold season is influenced by the battery’s age, as older batteries are more susceptible to this problem.
  • Wiper Blade Malfunction: Freezing weather temperatures can make the plastic holding the wiper blade become brittle and likely to crack. When you attempt to use this blade to clear heavy snow or ice on your windscreen, it can get damaged or break.
  • Thick Fluids: Although anti-freezing agents in the coolant fluids prevent it from totally freezing, cold weather still causes important vehicle fluids to become thicker than required. As the cold level increases, the fluids and lubricants in your Volvo gets thicker, making it impossible for the vehicle to use them for their

How to Optimize Your Volvo Performance During Cold Weather

Since cold weather phenomena last an extended period every year, car owners need to understand how to sustain their vehicle’s performance during these periods. Let’s look at some ways to optimize performance in cold seasons:

  • Use Winter Tires: To avoid tire problems during the cold season, the easy fix is to purchase winter tires made specifically to resist the harsh conditions of winter.
  • Switch to Low-Viscosity Oil: Synthetic or low viscosity oil is less likely to become thick when exposed to cold temperatures. As such, lubrication and combustion can occur
  • Effective Battery Upkeep: You should ensure that your battery is properly fixed and that all connections are fit and tight. To avoid any battery problems during winter, it is advised that you replace old batteries.
  • Use Winter Wiper Blades: You can use wiper blades made particularly for harsh weather conditions, preventing the breaks and cracks that happen with normal wipers when exposed to cold.
  • Use a Warmer Car Park: Having your Volvo parked in a warmer environment during cold seasons helps in sustaining the overall wellbeing of the car.

Import Car Center for All Weather Conditions

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* Volvo XC 90 Car image credit goes to: Alexey Bykov.

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