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Do you drive an import car? If you are reading this there is a good chance you do, and you are probably looking for a Grapevine, TX auto repair shop that can service import cars. It is now easier than ever to purchase and drive a foreign car within the US, but it may not be as easy to find a shop that can handle your repairs. Dealers like to make import car owners think that they are the only ones that can handle repairs, but that isn’t true.

There are many independent repair shops that are perfectly capable of performing repairs on foreign cars, but they are not created equally. The same way you would do a little research before dropping off your Ford or Chevy at an auto shop, you need to dig a little and make sure you choose the right auto shop for your import. Not all repair shops are created the same, so make sure that you put the same level of effort into finding an auto shop that can effectively fix your car for a reasonable price.


The very first thing you need to figure out before dropping your Mercedes or Jaguar off at the shop is whether or not the technician is properly trained to handle a foreign vehicle. Anyone can say that they work on foreign cars, but a good technician should be able to demonstrate why they can. A good auto technician should be able to demonstrate that they have two very important skills.

First, they need to have the proper equipment to diagnose problems correctly. New high-end vehicles and vehicles, in general, are more technologically advanced than models released even just ten years ago. While the basics are similar, engines are now smaller and able to offer more power. This may be impressive, but it also means that engines are now more complex than they used to be. In order to produce quality results that effectively solve problems, auto repair technicians need to have proper training, tools, and experience working with import cars.

Second, an auto repair technician needs to be able to fix the problem in question. While understanding cars and diagnostic tools are great, if the technician cannot repair the problem you won’t get very far. This is why you need to choose a Grapevine, TX repair shop where technicians have years of experience working on foreign cars. A technician who regularly works on import cars is familiar with their engines, knows the common issues, and more importantly knows how to fix them. They should naturally evolve with cars as technology becomes more advanced. A smart and educated technician will stay attuned to all advancements so that they can advance their own skills.


Michael Jordan was an amazing basketball player, but when he tried his skills out on the baseball field they did not translate. Just because someone is good at one thing doesn’t mean that they can easily adapt to another. You wouldn’t expect Taylor Swift to be awesome on drums just because she is musically adept, but you would expect her to play the guitar quite well.

The same is true of auto shop technicians. All of the knowledge in the world will not do them much good if they do not have the proper tools at their disposal. Therefore, when you start looking at auto shops that can handle foreign car repair you need to also start looking at what tools they have. An auto repair shop that has the most modern diagnostic equipment available is clearly ready to tackle any issues that your foreign car may have.

This is very important in the world of import cars because they tend to be heavily computerized, which means that diagnostics tools have to be as well. To get to the heart of the problem auto repair technicians now have to be computer analysts along with technicians. With the right tools, this is possible, but without the right tools, your technician will just be playing an expensive guessing game with you as they try to repair your vehicle.


Now that you know that an auto shop has the tools and the training, it is time to take a look at their reputation. The internet has made it easier than ever to find out how customers feel about a company. While you have to expect there will always be a few bad reviews because people are complainers at heart, a good auto repair shop should keep those at bay. A few bad reviews and a couple of dozen positive reviews usually mean that a shop can be trusted. If all you read are negative comments you may want to think twice about using that auto repair shop.

Keep in mind that sometimes repairs don’t work out. Mechanical parts have been known to fail and every so once in a while, a screw will unfasten. A good auto shop understands this and is willing to stand behind their work. In the rare event something happens, a shop worth your time will quickly fix the problem and accept responsibility. This is a sign that they are serious about their job and are just as concerned about keeping your vehicle safe as you are.

If you need an import car auto repair shop, Import Car Center fits all three of the top criteria. Not only do we maintain a positive reputation within our community, but our technicians are highly trained to work on foreign cars and we only use the best diagnostic equipment. If you have a problem, we have a solution. Bring your car down to our shop for all of your foreign auto repair needs.

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