For nearly 100 years, Volkswagen has produced dependable and safe vehicles at an affordable price. Made with some of the best parts available, Volkswagen is not exempt from regular mechanical failures, such as DME communication problems.

The purpose of the DME sensor, or Digital Motor Electronic sensor, is to capture and process information which enables the Volkswagen engine to operate as designed. Data collection includes the accelerator, the throttle position, vehicle speed, airflow, air density, and air temperature.

Multiple DME sensors are a significant hub of activity that is essential to proper car function. If any of these sensors should fail, the information that gets sent to ignition and fuel injection systems will be false or even could go undelivered. This could lead to major mechanical issues if left unrepaired.

The best way to deal with these issues is to get ahead of the problem and get them checked out by a qualified professional before any significant damage can occur. Let’s take a look at some signs of DME issues, discuss how they happen, and advise you on where to go for trusted and affordable repairs.

Common Symptoms of DME Failure

There will be several ways to tell if things are amiss with your Volkswagens DME sensors.

  • The check-engine light will come on: Although your check-engine light can come on for many reasons, it’s always a good idea to get your car to a mechanic for an inspection. The problem can be with a malfunctioning DME sensor. The symptoms that follow will be much rougher than the check engine light.
  • Engine misfires: This symptom will seem random at first, but your engine will continue to misfire more frequently as time goes on. You will also experience poor acceleration, a loss in fuel economy, and less engine power. This happens because the message from the DME sensor telling the engine to function properly is getting misinterpreted. It may be getting too much fuel or too much air. If left untreated, misfires can cause additional engine problems that will add to your repair expense. Let’s avoid that by bringing your car in sooner rather than later for an inspection.
  • Engine stalls: This symptom is especially dangerous, because when your car stalls, you lose certain functions, such as power steering. A stalled car can lead to a severe accident. Don’t let this happen to you!
  • No-start condition: Finally, your car might not start at all. Nobody wants to call a tow truck to drag their car to a mechanic. Pay attention to the early symptoms mentioned above, and bring your Volkswagen to us so we can diagnose the problem and allow you to decide on repairs.

What Happens When DME Communication Fails

If your DME Communication fails, the symptoms get progressively worse until your car completely fails to start or it will stall while driving down the road. Although the DME sensors may be small in stature, they are a massive part of a properly-functioning vehicle. It’s important to always listen to what your car is telling you and get the kinks worked out before any serious damage comes to you or your vehicle.

Help is Right In Your Backyard!

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