Jaguar is a luxury automotive manufacturer that is known for producing many different models with high-performance engines, luxurious interior comfort, and electrical features. Over time, Jaguars may experience an oil pan gasket leak that can lead to serious engine problems. Below you will learn more about the role of an oil pan gasket as well as how to identify an oil pan gasket leak in your Jaguar.

What does oil do?

Motor oil, also referred to as engine oil, plays an intricate role in the proper function of an engine. Engine oil flows throughout the engine and other various components to keep all moving parts of the engine lubricated to reduce the amount of friction as these parts work together to keep the engine running. In addition to keeping the engine well lubricated, engine oil is also responsible for maintaining cool engine temperatures for optimal performance.

The Oil Pan Gasket

All Jaguars are manufactured with an oil pan that acts as an oil reservoir housing the oil as it is filtered. Oil is forced out of the oil pan by a pump, is then filtered through the oil filter to clean the oil and remove any dirt or debris so that it does not enter into the engine itself, and is then circulated throughout the engine and back to the oil pan to start the process over.

The oil pan itself relies on several bolts and the oil pan gasket to be held securely into place allowing it to continue working. When the oil pan gasket begins to fail, oil is able to leak out into various areas beneath the hood that it is not intended to be causing many difficulties for drivers.

Signs of an Oil Pan Gasket Leak

When the oil pan gasket fails, it will produce many warning signs to alert the driver that a problem is occurring including the following:

  • Oil leaking: Perhaps the most obvious sign of an oil pan gasket leak is seeing oil actively leaking from your Jaguar or puddled beneath the vehicle where it has been parked.
  • Engine overheating: Because oil is responsible for maintaining cooler engine temperatures when it begins leaking from the oil pan gasket the engine experiences extremely high temperatures due to an increase in friction.
  • Low oil level: It is not uncommon for drivers to occasionally need to add a bit of oil to the reservoir in between service intervals, however, if you find yourself needing to add oil more frequently this is a common sign that oil is leaking.
  • Smoke and/or burning smell: As oil leaks out onto various parts of the engine, it is immediately burned as a result of the extreme temperatures it is exposed to. When this occurs, the driver may notice smoke emitted from beneath the hood or out of the exhaust pipe or begin to experience a burning smell from the engine oil burning.
  • Illuminated warning lights: When an oil leak occurs for an extended period of time, it will begin to cause damage to other various parts of the engine as it is no longer able to maintain cool temperatures, reduce friction, and keep the many parts lubricated. When damage begins to occur to the engine, a driver will notice the “check enginewarning light illuminated on the dashboard. It is important that you have your vehicle inspected immediately if this occurs as irreversible engine damage is at risk at this point.

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