The engine in a BMW is one of the most advanced motors in the world. The BMW brand is known for forward-thinking and technology built into every engine. With so much applied science integrated into the BMW engine, it is important to have your BMW engine serviced and maintained according to the manufacturer’s schedule. Doing so keeps your vehicle on the road at less of an overall cost of maintenance than if it is skipped. Let’s discuss the reasons your BMW engine needs to be regularly serviced in Grapevine, Texas, and the surrounding area.

Result of a Poorly-Maintained Engine

The engine that drives a BMW or any other requires regular maintenance. Without it, a catastrophic failure can take place well before the life of the engine is destined to be over. Below are a few things that can happen when an engine is not maintained properly.

  • Engines need oxygen from the atmosphere to properly function. Due to contaminants in the air, filters are used to keep them out of the impurities. If regular maintenance does not change these filters, damage can result in your BMW engine.
  • The motor in your BMW gets its power from its pistons pushed up and down within the cylinders by the fuel and oxygen combustion. Most of that energy is converted into powering the car while some of it creates heat within the engine. Motor oil is used to lubricate the engine parts and reduce the heat within the engine block. Without proper oil and filter changes during maintenance, catastrophic failure can occur.
  • Upgrades in technology have added powerful computer systems and sensors that keep your BMW’s engine running efficiently and help it to perform as it should. Without proper and regular maintenance these systems can begin to suffer from wear and damage. Due to the complexities of these systems, even if one of the components fail it will affect the entire platform.
  • Coolant is another important feature that helps to protect your car’s engine. If not properly maintained, the performance and longevity of your BMW engine will suffer. You may face costly repairs later. Sadly, many owners do not understand the importance of keeping up with a recommended maintenance schedule.
  • Diagnostic checks are important for your BMW’s engine. In today’s cars, only a modern computer diagnostic is capable of seeing issues before they arise to prevent a costly repair or engine failure. Choose a mechanic shop with the latest technology in diagnostic equipment to keep your BMW running in top condition.

How to Properly Maintain a BMW Engine

There are two mistakes that some BMW owners make that can cost them a pretty penny. One is skipping regular servicing as recommended by the manufacturer. Each service plan for a BMW is scheduled at a specific time frame in the car’s life to give it the best chance to perform for years. When owners think they are saving money by skipping scheduled services, they are actually costing themselves money in the long run and reducing the lifespan of their BMW.

The second issue that owners run into are using the wrong people to service and repair their cars. When dealing with a BMW engine, not just anyone can be responsible for maintaining it. As mentioned, the BMW is ahead of most brands with its advancement in technology. This means that anyone who is hired to service or repair it should be trained in BMW servicing.

Only mechanics who have experience and training should maintain your BMW as otherwise damage could result. Make sure you are following your recommended scheduled maintenance and using the proper service and repair shop for the job.

Import Car Center Will Maintain Your BMW Engine

For those who live in the Colleyville, BMW Engine Servicing Keller, Southlake, Westlake, and Grapevine, TX area, bring your BMW to Import Car Center. We are your premiere European auto repair shop for your BMW and other imported cars.

Since 1978, our trained and certified technicians have taken the lead in keeping up with the technology of these highly engineered vehicles. By allowing us to maintain your BMW’s engine according to its recommended practice, we will keep it running at top performance and extend its life on the road. Call us today to establish professional servicing to your BMW.

* BMW X1 image credit goes to: Ingus Kruklitis.

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