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Understanding the ins and outs of repairs for your import car can help keep your investment in peak condition and maintain coverage under your manufacturer’s warranty. We’ll cover the auto repair services that your Grapevine, TX, import car shop covers, as well as answering some frequently asked questions about car repair and your responsibilities.

Services That We Offer

We offer comprehensive care services for every major make and model. Our technicians are trained and certified under the guidelines of each major import manufacturer, and we understand the “quirks” of each type of car. You’re in good hands with our service team.

Here are the services we offer:


Whether you have an automatic transmission or a manual one, we can make sure that you’re in good working order. We’ll ensure that your car shifts smoothly and doesn’t have transmission fluid leaks.


Your brake pads should be changed on a regular basis, and the rotors inspected for wear. Putting off fixing your brakes can be costly, and foregoing these fixes can even be dangerous!

Oil Change and Tire Rotation

Every car needs regular oil changes, fluid fill-ups, and tire rotation in order to ensure that it’s running smoothly and all the engine parts are lubricated, so you don’t have to have an emergency auto repair.

Preventative Maintenance

Opting for regular preventative maintenance and check-ups on your car on a shielded basis can help you avoid costly repairs down the line. Our technicians can help determine when parts are wearing out, before a broken down car sidelines your ability to get to work or simply drive around Grapevine, TX. Each type of import car has different needs, so you need a specialist car service that understands them all.

Auto Repair Services

We offer comprehensive services from everything to collision fixes to engine repair and brakes. Complicated repairs are our specialty, and we have a trained team of mechanics that treat your car as we’d treat our own.

Different cars require different parts and even different approaches to completing each car repair. Remember, if your car is making funny noises, if it doesn’t accelerate on demand or shifts with fits and starts, or if you’re having trouble braking, then you’ll need to schedule service sooner rather than later. Car trouble doesn’t just go away on its own!

Plus, some repairs may be covered under your factory or extended warranty. While each auto maker’s warranty is different, we can also answer some of your commonly asked questions about warranty coverage and your repair needs.

FAQS About Auto Repair and Warranty Coverage

There are several misconceptions about repairs and warranty coverage. While each warranty is different, we can answer some of the questions that local residents have.

What kind of repairs won’t void my warranty?

Most auto repairs performed by an authorized service won’t void your warranty. For whatever reason, either convenience, price, or simply a closer location, many import car owners may opt to have their car repair service performed by someone other than the dealership.

Nearly all repairs won’t void your warranty unless It’s an unusual circumstance or performed by an unauthorized repair tech.

Is it illegal to deny warranty claims because someone worked on my car?

By federal law, dealers and import car manufacturers cannot refuse to honor the warranty on your car, nor can they refuse to pay for warranty repairs because you’ve had a different mechanic work on your car. This includes both broken parts and routine maintenance.

What if I have major repairs done by someone other than a dealer?

Just because another mechanic performs your repair job doesn’t mean that your vehicle warranty can be voided. This includes upgrading electronics, replacing tires or installing larger wheels, or even body work if you’ve been in a wreck.

Will tampering or damaging a part void my warranty?

However, if you tamper with a part in the car, whether intentionally or unintentionally, then the auto manufacturer can deny warranty coverage. This also applies if someone else is working on your car and accidentally breaks something.

How can a warranty be voided or repairs denied?

Under some circumstances, a dealer may void your car’s warranty. For them to legally do so, they have to prove that you’ve had improper repairs, improper maintenance, or that the upgrades you added resulted in damage to the part or parts covered under the warranty.

Not everything that’s non-dealership repair or a DIY fix voids your warranty. If you change your oil yourself and the engine fails, you’ll be covered under your warranty. However, if the dealer can document that you didn’t change your oil often enough if you used the wrong kind of oil, or you didn’t comply with the maintenance schedule, then they can deny your warranty claim.

Can my warranty be entirely voided?

Each warranty is different, so it’s critical that you read the fine print on yours. In most cases, dealers may attempt to void the entire warranty based on an improper warranty auto repair claim. However, one denied claim does not void the entire warranty. It’s just a scare tactic.

Will using aftermarket or recycled parts void my warranty?

Only if the dealer or manufacturer can successfully prove that your choice of a recycled or aftermarket part directly caused the failure of the part of your car covered by the warranty. Usually, when these types of parts are installed by a professional repair company, it doesn’t void your entire warranty.

Bottom line, make sure that you know your warranty before booking service with your mechanic. If you have questions about the impact that auto repair will have on your warranty, it’s best to call the dealership or contact the can manufacturer’s customer service department.

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