Import Car Center is a full service and repair center for luxury, import, domestic, and European automobiles. We offer the latest state-of-the-art equipment for the diagnosis, testing, and repair of your car with the highest standards of automotive services utilized. We employ ASE certified mechanics fully trained and experienced in a wide variety of makes and models. Our mechanics provides the industry expertise and the personal dedication to customer service, with an honesty and integrity that sets us apart from all the rest. These attributes not only speak to our work philosophy but are also a result of our dedicated mechanics passion for automobiles. When you love your job, the quality of work is always superior. Give us a call when you need reliable import car auto repair in Colleyville, TX. In addition, we offer a complimentary vehicle inspection with every service.

Maintenance Pays

Providing routine maintenance is the best means of gaining increased reliability and extending your vehicle’s service life. Maintenance also ensures the ongoing fuel efficiency, performance and safety of your car. In addition, it can save you money in the long run, by preventing chain breakdowns. Chain breakdowns occur when timely repair is not provided, and other components fail as a result. For example, a failed catalytic converter can collapse, causing the engine to overheat due to a lack of exhaust. Not only will the car run rough, damage may occur to the exhaust manifold, necessitating its replacement. Identifying a failing catalytic converter can save you the money of engine repair. Furthermore, there is a potential for an overheated engine to catch fire, endangering the safety of you and your passengers. Contact Import Car Center for import car auto repair in Colleyville, TX.

Oil Changes Protect the Engine

Oil changes are an essential part of maintenance for your car. Worn out oil provides no protection for the many moving parts of the engine. Moving at several thousand RPM’s, premature wear of the engine occurs when oil changes are missed. Engine replacement due to unnecessary wear is a significant expense and is avoidable with routine oil changes. Schedule your vehicle’s next oil change with Import Car Center. In addition, if your vehicle needs other maintenance or import car auto repair in Colleyville, TX, we will be glad to provide you with reliable service you can trust.

Timely Brake Service Saves Money and Lives

Brake services are another example of how neglecting maintenance will cost you more. Replacing the brake pads in a timely manner, can prevent the need for rotor turning, or even new rotors. The following are potential signs your vehicle needs brake repair:

  1. A grinding or squealing noise when you use the brakes can indicate the need for brake service. A metal on metal sound may indicate damage is occurring to the rotors due to worn pads. Never ignore brake noise, schedule import car auto repair in Colleyville, TX.
  2. If the brake pedal travels closer to the floor than is normal, try to pump the brakes up. Air in the brake lines or a low brake fluid level can be the cause. Either can be dangerous, but low brake fluid is especially dangerous. Worn brake pads or a failing brake master cylinder will cause brake fluid levels to be low. Prompt import car auto repair in Colleyville, TXis required to ensure your safety. Do not try to drive a car with failing brakes, a tow can save your life.
  3. Schedule brake repair when the parking brake will not engage or hold the car.
  4. Vibrations through the brake pedal or the steering wheel may indicate the need for brake repair. Schedule an inspection with Import Car Center for import car auto repair in Colleyville, TX

The brakes are responsible for stopping your car, and signs of brake trouble should never be ignored. How long brake pads will last, depend to a great extent on your driving habits and the terrain in which you drive. Mountainous and hilly terrain, and stop and go traffic, will reduce how long your brakes will last. Last minute braking in normal driving conditions and riding the brakes unnecessarily will also increase brake wear.

Vehicles with a manual transmission can use a lower gear to help maintain a slower speed down steep hills. Refer to your owner’s manual for the recommended speed of each lower gear. Never downshift suddenly outside of the gear recommendations. Doing so can result in damage to the transmission.

Warranty Services for Your Car

Import Car Center can provide warranty services for your vehicle. Eliminate the long wait times, and the high prices of a dealership and schedule your next maintenance, service or import car auto repair in Colleyville, TX with us. Our shop features the latest equipment, tools and software required for your vehicle. Furthermore, our mechanics participate in continuing education to remain informed on the upgrades, features and more on your car.

We offer a broad range of professional automotive servicesincluding import car auto repair in Colleyville, TX Our goal is to provide superior services ensuring your safety and a higher reliability of your vehicle. Visit Import Car Center today. We offer a full-service shop for domestic, luxury, European and import automobiles with all the latest equipment, tools and knowledge required for professional services for your vehicle.

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