Getting your car repaired is just one of the things that you have to do in life. Like any machine it needs a tune up and a repair once in a while. At the Import Car Center you can opt for Import car auto repair in Colleyville, TX or Luxury car auto repair in Colleyville, TX and be assured that your investment is going towards the best repair that you can get. They have a wide variety of services that range from replacing and repairing a single part of your vehicle to a full body repair and tune-up that’ll leave it looking and smelling good as new.

If you need service or repairs on import cars, the trained professional mechanics at Import Car center have you covered. It’s already hard enough to ensure that your car is operating properly throughout the day while you sit in traffic and wait for the roadblock to end. You shouldn’t have to worry about the car’s repairs while you do.


Import Car Center offers great Multi-point Vehicle Inspection Services that look over each and every aspect of a vehicle to see if it needs attention. This is important to do every once in a while and especially once a year since you may have a problem that you aren’t aware of. This allows you to nip it in the bud before it becomes a full blown disaster or catastrophe.

The points that are examined in the Multi-point Vehicle Inspection Service are the windshield (for cracks and chips and spray nozzles), the wipers (front and rear), the body dents and dings, directional lights all around the car, the brake lights, the headlights, and the license plate lights. Other smaller points aren’t left untouched including the wheel rims and the tire treads.

The various interior points like the dome light, the emergency brake tension, the clutch free play, the emergency flashers, and the dashboard display are all checked for performance. From the trunk and the engine to the underbody, everything is examined to make sure that the car is in tip-top shape.

Once the examination is completed, the Import Car Center provides you with a detailed list of times that need to be addressed. The list, of course is simply a rundown of everything that the company feels needs attention and they only go forward with repairs when you’ve authorized the action. One thing that you shouldn’t worry over is the problem popping up after they’ve fixed it. The years of experience that they have under their belt ensures that such an occurance won’t happen.

Whatever car you may bring, all the nooks and crannies that can cause trouble will be familiar to the folks at Import Car Center.


Wheel alignment isn’t something that comes to mind as soon as you think of Luxury car auto repair in Colleyville, TX and it’s not something that is frankly talked about when you think of Import car auto repair in Colleyville, TX at all. However, it’s one of the most important things that you can do to make sure that your car is in tip-top shape. It allows you to prolong the lifespan of your car and reduces the likelihood of you getting into an accident because of malfunctions.


If your wheels aren’t aligned, there is a big chance that your tires become prematurely worn out. The wheel alignment in your car can be knocked off by a myriad of things like potholes and by accidents or skidding on the road. A lot of things may happen that may result in general wear and tear depending on the area that you frequent or that you live in. If you don’t get your wheels aligned, there is a chance that you’ll add thousands of miles to your tire’s life when you’ve really only driven a few hundred miles.


This is a major plus when you get your wheels aligned. It doesn’t necessarily make sense when you look at the surface of it, but with Import car auto repair in Colleyville, TX you get better mileage out of your car if you get your tires aligned. Since the wheels are perfectly parallel once they’re aligned, it reduces the resistance between the car and the road to a minimum. This way you lose less fuel while counteracting the effects of friction. And that adds up over hundreds of miles even if you don’t feel it while driving down to the local diner every weekend.


This is a no brainer. It’s Luxury car auto repair in Colleyville, TX101. If your wheels are perfectly parallel, you’ll definitely be able have a better handle over your car. It’s just common sense. If your wheels are aligned perfectly, then the direction that you turn them in will be the direction that you move in without you having to turn the steering wheel excessively in said direction. Without alignment, it may not be apparent that you’re not going in the direction that you want to, but it does make a difference in the effort that you’re putting in.


Import Car Center’s practices for Luxury car auto repair in Colleyville, TX and Import car auto repair in Colleyville, TX make sure that you’re at peace after your check up is done. You will know exactly what is wrong with your vehicle, which means that you can rest assured that it has been fixed and the problems have been properly dealt with. This will give you peace of mind and you can roll down the street or up the road without second guessing yourself or stopping to make sure that everything is in order.

Import Car Center even gives you the option to schedule their services online and lays down the exact essentials of your car so they’re ready to tune up or repair your car the moment you bring it in.

For the best Luxury car auto repair in Colleyville, TX look no further than Import Car Center.

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