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You are the proud parent of a teenager who has just gotten a car and a driver’s license. Soon, they will be on their own driving and navigating the road. You want them to take their own path but you need to prepare them.

And for this, you need to give them key car maintenance tips. Don’t worry, we have this covered. Here are a few tips for teenagers and new drivers in Southlake who are just getting to know more about cars.

Tip#1: Look Out for Lights

If there’s a light on anywhere near the dashboard that is not usually there, you need to take action. Warning lights for brakes and gears light up when they are in trouble. Check engine lights serve the same function.

These lights are activated when the Engine Control Unit in the car picks up on any error codes. Its sensors tend to detect and warn you about around 200 warning codes. Don’t worry, you don’t need to memorize and check for each and every one of them.

You should just have a professional auto repair in Southlake, TX look through the warning lights and car systems at regular intervals. You should schedule regular inspections so that you don’t have to do expensive repairs later on.

Tip#2: Watch Out for Strange Engine Behavior

Your engine should make noise but this is usually a slight rumble as the engine runs or starts up. If it starts to sputter, you need to see a mechanic. If the engine stops or starts to stall, you need to see a mechanic.

The reason for strange engine behavior could be intrinsic problems within the engine itself or within other parts of the car like the ignition system. You need to make sure that the engine, the fuel system, and ignition are all working in harmony and get the right auto repairs in Southlake, TX if necessary.

Tip#3: Check if You are Running Out of Fuel

If you notice that your car is fuel inefficient, you will need to have your car checked by a competent mechanic in Southlake. There could potentially be problems with components like fuel and air filters, air flow sensors and O2 sensors. These parts tend to wear down and get clogged and dirty after a while.

If you see that the engine is guzzling down a lot more fuel than it usually does, you should get your car checked out by an auto repair in Southlake, TX.

Tip#4: Make Sure the Battery Lives

When it comes to cars, the most important thing is the battery. Batteries power all the electrical systems in the car and even power the engine. They tend to wear out after you travel 50,000 miles, so you should keep an eye on the battery if you travel a lot.

Batteries can also die out from bad amps, alternators, temperature sensors and charging systems. Batteries that die out completely will need to be replaced.

Your battery can also drain out if you leave the headlights on all night, however, in this case it will just need a jump start.

Tip#5: Prevent Flat Tires

By keeping your tires rotated after travelling every 5,000 miles, you can make your tires live longer and wear down less. Flats from objects on the road are unavoidable but if you rotate the tires, you might prevent rapid aging and wearing down of the tires.

Tip#6: Check on Brakes

Your brakes will fail after a while or exhibit strange signs of disrepair. If you see soft brake pedals or hear squealing, grinding or squeaking, you should get an auto repair in Southlake, TX involved.

You should not avoid repairs because the brakes are crucial for stopping the car and car safety on the roads of Southlake, TX.

Tip#7: A Steering Wheel Should Not Shake

Your steering wheel ought to be steady while you are driving. If you get a shaking sensation in the wheel after you start the car and drive, there’s a problem. It could be problems with wheel bearings or suspension components.

It could even be an issue of vehicle balance if you notice shaking at high speeds. In any case, you ought to get your steering wheel checked out if this happens.

Tip#8: Get Emissions Tests

Since Southlakeis in Texas, you as car owners and drivers are required by US laws to schedule emissions tests for your car. If there is a check engine light on, you might fail the test and have to get the appropriate auto repairs.

Tip#9: Overheating is a Bad Sign

This might be obvious but if a car starts to overheat, you need to immediately contact an auto repair in Southlake, TX.This can happen but it often occurs rarely. However, your car can over heat if your flow and temperature sensors in the cooling system do not work correctly.

For regular maintenance services regarding auto repair in Southlake, you ought to get your radiator flushed and water changed to prevent overheating.

Tip#10: A Transmission Should Not Slip

Transmission systems in new cars can go for miles—200,000 to be exact. However, sometimes the hydraulic system in the automatic transmission system can have wear and tear, clogging and leaks.

Each of its components—seals, gaskets, lines—need to be checked to make sure the transmission does not slip. What this means is that the transmission will not shift smoothly. So if your ride starts to get bumpy, you need to find an auto repair in Southlake, TX.

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