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Why are more Americans buying import cars like Volvos, BMWs, Audis and Porsches than ever before? Excellent gas mileage and exceptional safety features are just a few reasons why import cars are so popular in the U.S. Additionally, import cars are made with high-end interior fabrics and long-lasting engine components that require minimal maintenance.

If you are thinking about buying a 2020 Volvo, a premium sound system called Harman Kardon is an option commuters might consider. Also, many new import cars are equipped with voice control systems that are easy to use and respond quickly to speech patterns. Unfortunately, U.S. automakers continue to struggle with installing efficient voice control systems in American-made cars that work as expected.


The primary function of Volvo’s service reminder is to tell owners when it is time for oil changes and other routine maintenance services. A dashboard light that resembles a wrench, the service reminder is activated according to what it is set to track: engine miles, calendar time or engine operating hours. Engine miles is the number of miles you have actually driven the car while engine operating hours indicates how many hours your car’s engine was on and running.

Be aware the service reminder is not a diagnostic tool. It won’t tell you when you need to bring in your Volvo for auto repair at our Grapevine shop. It also does not take into account the difference between “light” and “extreme” driving. If you tend to travel mostly in the city and drive under 50 miles per hour, you won’t need to change oil as frequently as you would if you drove on highways and interstates every day.



Do you hear a whining noise that sounds like it’s coming from the fuel tank when your Volvo is idling? Although fuel pumps will quietly hum when functioning normally, a louder humming could indicate fuel pump damage or you’ve pumped contaminated fuel into the car. Other signs of a faulty Volvo fuel pump include problems starting the car, a sputtering engine when driving over 50 miles per hour and loss of engine power when driving uphill or accelerating. If our auto repair technicians need to replace a fuel pump, the fuel filter should also be replaced regardless of its condition. Faulty fuel pumps can shed metal particles into gasoline and create all kinds of engine problems.


When our import auto repair specialists perform inspection and maintenance service on your Volvo, they will check how your Volvo idles. Occasional rough idling is expected in certain conditions but when a Volvo can’t idle enough to keep your car running, it could be the air idle control valve. A component of the intake system, the AIC valve transfers air through the throttle body so that the engine can idle normally. Sometimes, we may be able to clean the AIC valve and remove accumulated sludge that is causing idling issues. If cleaning the valve doesn’t solve the problem, we’ll replace the AIC unit.


Recurring engine idling/sudden sputtering while driving could mean the electronic throttle module is acting. The ETM maintains vehicle speed and engine idling and regulates cruise control as well. Although the “check engine” light may come on if the ETM is malfunctioning, you can’t always rely on that message showing up for ETM problems. Our import auto repair technicians in Grapevine, TX have three methods for restoring a damaged ETM: clean and refit the module, replace the unit or perform a software upgrade to the ETM system.


A Volvo’s relays route cooling fans, headlights, ignition circuits, anti-lock brakes and other electrical components. Depending on how much a Volvo is driven, relays may start breaking down in a few years or continue working for more than a few years. When fans, brakes or other electrically-powered devices on your Volvo stop working, you could need our import auto repair technicians to replace relays. We will check the condition of the relay by using a diagnostic scanning device to determine whether the relay can be repaired or if it needs replaced. It is important to receive an accurate diagnosis so that the correct part is installed. Relays improperly repaired may fail prematurely and cause additional damage to other systems.


You should be able to shift gears without experiencing slippage, shakiness or hesitancy from the engine. Slight slippage or a second or two of non-responsiveness that occurs more than once should be inspected by our import auto repair technicians. Fixing the problem could be simple–transmission fluid could be low or the fluid may need changed due to being too thick and contaminated.

Smelling a burning, singed odor coming from the transmission usually means transmission fluid is overheating. When transmission fluid gets overheated, it’s likely due to neglecting to have the transmission flushed and filled with new fluid regularly. Old transmission fluid can’t lubricate engine parts enough to prevent friction, build-up of sludge and the eventual breakdown of the transmission system.

Of course, if you notice leaks from your Volvo’s transmission, call our import auto repair center for an immediate service appointment. Addressing a transmission problem as soon as possible can make all the difference between needing a simple repair or a total replacement of the transmission.

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