With the internet and how-to-videos available online, many think they can repair high-end vehicles on their own. When they attempt a complex repair or servicing, they soon learn there is more to being an expert mechanic than a quick reading or video of how to complete the task.

For those who need to have their cars fixed in a timely and correct manner, we have created this article to discuss the top qualities to look for when searching for an expert auto mechanic.

Why You Need an Expert Mechanic

Several years ago, most anyone could be a shade-tree mechanic and make repairs on their own vehicles. Today’s cars are much more complicated. Being handy with a wrench is no longer good enough to make repairs on modern cars.

For one reason, it is hard to tell where the electronics end and the mechanical components begin in modern cars because they are intertwined and controlled through a sophisticated computer system. Most expert mechanics today are a combination of computer programmers, old school mechanics, and electronics experts.


Once a mechanic is found that has the aptitude of the three components listed above, you must make sure they have the training required to do the job correctly. That means the people you choose to work on your vehicle should be certified in all aspects of your car.

ASE certifications for technicians and master technicians have rigorous requirements to be able to hold the status and certification. Make sure any shop you choose to service or repair your car has minimum a ASE certification.


Part of having an ASE certification is the experience to hold the title. When choosing a place to maintain technically-advanced European vehicles, years of experience matter. It is one thing to take a test and have the knowledge necessary, it is quite another to have performed service on vehicle’s such as BMWs, Mercedes, Jaguars and others that require in depth knowledge and years of experience.


The highly-advanced technology that drives modern vehicles also requires equipment that is just as advanced. A shop you can count on to properly maintain your car needs to have the most updated diagnostic equipment to troubleshoot and repair your vehicle.

The latest equipment will diagnose your issue quickly to save you money in the end by repairing those issues before they become bigger problems. Some shops are forced to change out parts until they finally get it right, passing the cost of their incompetence on to the customer. Make sure you choose the right garage with the right equipment to avoid this costly mistake.

Another quality to look for when making sure an auto mechanic is that they are using only the best parts to replace your old ones. There is a large supply of aftermarket auto parts, but they are not the same quality. Make sure your new shop is only using OEM and factory-grade parts.


We all know that taking our car to the dealership for repair can be an expensive repair. Dealerships say they charge for their expertise and modern equipment. Most likely, the profit margin is the real cause. There are modern and experienced shops that specialize in the type of vehicle you drive that have as much or more experience and expertise as dealerships but at a much lower cost to you financially.

Choose Honesty

Of course, everyone wants to find an honest mechanic shop to work on their vehicle. Today, this is actually easier than you think. Check to make sure a shop you choose is a member of the Better Business Bureau in their area. Another way is to read reviews of shops in your area. Most online reviews are brutally honest, and you will be able to get a feel for the business before taking in your car for service.

Use Import Car Center: We Meet All of These Qualities

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