Wheel alignment is a standard maintenance procedure for vehicles. It provides the proper adjustment of the wheel angles, so they are parallel to each other and perpendicular to the ground. Alignment is provided according to the vehicle manufacturer’s specification. Improper wheel alignment causes uneven tire wear and can affect your vehicle in other ways. It is recommended to have your vehicle’s wheel alignment checked about every 6,000 miles. This is especially essential if you have had an accident, hit pot holes, curbs or wear over time. Contact Import Car Center today to schedule an alignment, or other luxury car auto repair in Southlake, TX.


Improper wheel alignment causes premature wear on your vehicle’s tires, and can also cause premature wear on suspension components. Over time, improper alignment can add thousands of miles to the tires. Import Car Center can provide the wheel alignment or the luxury car auto repair in Southlake, TX that you require.


If your car is handling poorly, you may need a wheel alignment. When the alignment is off, you may notice pulling and drifting to one side, steering wheel vibration, and you may feel you are excessively moving the wheel to keep it on the road. In addition, an off-center steering wheel is a likely indication of improper wheel alignment. If your steering wheel seems off-center, even when you are driving in a straight line contact us for inspection.

Furthermore, improper alignment may adversely affect the vehicles braking performance. When the tires are not contacting the road as they should, braking power is lost, affecting the required distance for stopping, and your safety. Wheel alignment can correct many handling problems, and restore your control without excessive effort required.  Give us a call today to schedule a luxury car auto repair in Southlake, TX.


Poor wheel alignment can increase the resistance against the tires, resulting in diminished gas mileage. A four-wheel alignment ensures all four wheels are parallel, keeping resistance down, and helping to keep the gas mileage up.


Problems with alignment can lead to excessive wear on suspension components. Suspension issues can also lead to poor handling, and can be dangerous if the luxury car auto repair in Southlake, TX is not provided. We provide a suspension inspection with each alignment. Identifying a problem in the suspension now can prevent additional issues from occurring.  When wear and tear are detected in your suspension, our certified mechanics can provide the luxury car auto repair in Southlake, TX that you need.

Import Car Center uses the latest state-of-the-art alignment technology for your automobile. For the most accurate alignment possible, call us or drop by today for an alignment, or other luxury car auto repair in Southlake, TX.


The goal is for tires to wear evenly across the tread. If uneven tread wear is occurring on the rear tires, you may have too much unnecessary weight in the trunk. Improper tire pressure can also cause uneven tread wear, and ideally, should be checked weekly.  Furthermore, the ideal air pressure as specified in the vehicle’s owner’s manual is cold tire pressure. This means tire pressure should be check in the morning before the tires have been run, and before the temperature rises.  If the tire pressure is normal once the tire has warmed from the sun or driving, it is likely 2-5 psi under inflated when the tire is cold.


It is always advisable to have your wheels aligned when you purchase new tires. Wheel balancing is a term often confused with the wheel alignment, although they are not the same thing.

Wheel balancing refers to the process of equalizing the weight of the tire and wheel so they roll smoothly as you drive. When a wheel rotates, the weight along its rotating axis must be properly balanced, otherwise there will be vibrations, hopping and wobbling of the wheel. The effects of an unbalanced tire are not only annoying, it can prevent proper tire contact with the ground.  To avoid any unbalanced tires, wheel balancing is needed. Lead weights are strategically attached to the tire in order to provide equalization of the weight.


Tire rotation is the process of exchanging both the front and back tires, in order to even out the tread wear and extend the tires service life. By nature, the weight of the front and rear axles differs, resulting in an uneven distribution of the weight load on the wheels. The recommendation for the frequency of tire rotation varies, depending on the type of drive-train, such as rear wheel, front wheel or 4-wheel drive. Import Car Center can provide the services you need, and the luxury car auto repair in Southlake, TX that you require.

When you need maintenance or luxury car auto repair in Southlake, TX, visit Import Car Center for automotive services you can trust. We offer skilled and certified mechanics who specialize in luxury cars, domestic and imports. Our shop contains the latest equipment, providing the most accurate results and up-to-date information for year to year manufacturing upgrades.

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