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Choosing the right mechanic when you need Mercedes auto repair can be tricky. Maintenance for an import car is different from having work done on a domestic one, and not every car care center has techs trained for all makes and models. Import Car Center of Flower Mound is the preferred choice for many Mercedes owners in the DFW area. We professionally train and certify our techs to complete any repair, including routine repairs and upgrades.

In fact, some Mercedes owners in Flower Mound, TX, wonder if it’s okay to go to an independent auto repair center, versus the dealership. There are a few myths that some people believe about their warranty and how they can get their car fixed or where they can go for routine maintenance. We’ll help clear some of them up.

Does Vehicle Maintenance Void My Warranty?

Having a Mercedes auto repair shop perform routine maintenance on your car will not void your warranty. Things like having your oil and fluids changed, tires rotated, and other scheduled things you need to do to keep your car running smoothly can be done by any qualified mechanic. There are a few exceptions about warranty and maintenance, but for the most part, opting for your preferred mechanic is usually fine.

Can Mercedes Deny My Warranty Claims Because I Had Maintenance Performed Outside the Dealership?

No, and in fact, there are laws in every state that protect your warranty. Manufacturers and dealers can’t refuse to honor the terms of your warranty because you chose to have your car worked on by someone else.

What If I Haven’t Had Major Repairs Done By the Dealership?

Even if you have an independent Mercedes auto repair mechanic perform major fixes, such as upgrading the electronics in the car, having bodywork done, fixing a major part, or installing larger wheels or rims, your warranty is still valid.

Don’t Tamper With Parts

If you tamper with parts on the car, or if someone does this and you know about it, the manufacturer can deny your warranty claim, should you need to have the car fixed. Tampering that causes damage to part of the vehicle is a loose term, but basically, it means that if you or someone else is working on your car and accidentally breaks something, the manufacturer can deny a warranty claim to fix it. This can also include circumstances when something gets caught underneath your vehicle and drags and causes damage.

When Can a Warranty Be Voided or Warranty Repairs Denied?

In order for a manufacturer to legally deny warranty repairs, they need to prove that you’ve had improper upgrades, improper repairs, or improper maintenance done to your Mercedes. The manufacturer will also need to prove that these upgrades or repairs done outside of the dealership directly resulted in the damage to the car or the component of the car that you’re seeking warranty coverage on.

For example, if there is a problem with your engine, the manufacturer can’t deny the claim because you changed your own oil, or had your local Mercedes auto repair shop change it. However, if there is documentation that the wrong kind of oil was used, or that you went too long in between oil changes then the manufacturer has grounds to deny your claim.

However, if the claim is denied because you upgraded your stereo system or had larger rims installed, that’s not sufficient grounds to deny the claim. In general, it’s always best to have a certified import car repair center complete your routine maintenance and various repairs that you need for your Mercedes. We keep records for each customer, and we can easily provide you with your records should an issue with your warranty coverage arise.

Can My Warranty Be Voided?

In a nutshell? No. Unfortunately, some manufacturers or dealers will try to threaten you with voiding the entire warranty if you opt for Mercedes auto repair or maintenance at a local mechanic versus their shop. They may hint that they won’t complete maintenance on your car if, for example, your engine fails and use a reason that you had your oil changed elsewhere or a stereo upgrade performed at another mechanic shop as grounds for the denial.

Aftermarket Parts and Your Vehicle Warranty

Using aftermarket parts to complete Mercedes auto repair shouldn’t void your warranty as long as these parts have been installed properly. For example, if you use aftermarket oil filters to have an oil change, that’s not going to void your car warranty.

In order for a manufacturer to void a warranty, they need to prove that the aftermarket car part you used directly caused the failure of the component. If the recycled or aftermarket part does cause your car to break down, then yes, you’ll be responsible for paying for the repair.

It’s Important To Know Your Warranty

Read your warranty. It goes without saying, but understand the terms of your warranty before you have Mercedes auto repair at a shop outside the dealership. The “Owners” section of the warranty will have the details you need to know about what kinds of repairs you can have at your Flower Mound, TX, mechanic, and which repairs you need to have the dealership perform.

Make Sure You Have Warranty Repairs Completed Before the Warranty Expires

Before your warranty expires, make sure that you have routine repairs and maintenance completed. You don’t want to foot the entire bill because your warranty expired and you didn’t realize it. Many preventative maintenance repairs can be covered by your warranty – just check it.

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